NGANGA moments with Accounting >:))

Kapag di mo maintindihan yung lesson ..


Yung may sinolve ka ng pagkahaba haba, tapos nung sinolve na ng prof .. MAIKLI LANG PALA yung solusyon! Effort dre!


Yung may hindi ka masagutan, pero nasagutan ng classmate mo, well-explained pa ..


Nalaman mong may bonus sa quiz ..


Yung akala mo tama sagot mo sa exam kasi parehas kayo ng sagot ng classmate mo, MALI NAMAN PALA KAYO ..


Labasan na ng grades, at thankfully PASADO KA! ;)





I miss Tumblr!

Think I haven’t posted since I went to review school. Anyway, review’s doing great and we recently just concluded the preboard exam. Thank God for the results! I got into the top 100 in our review school. Praise God for that! ;’)

I just wanna say that It’s been a growing up journey.. But two more months of discipline and prayers and I know I’ll be ready for the Actual CPA Board. Please do pray for us guys. We need all the help we can get. I know God is with us! Thanks so much for those who will!

-nica xoxo

Training Ground.

Hi. How should I start this? :)

Ok, maybe I should put away the formalities. Lemme describe to you my chosen training ground to prepare myself to the corporate world.

PUP. One of the STATE U’s in Manila. Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Well for most, they would say that the students of this university are activists. What could I say, that’s how they see our school. Who wouldn’t? if you’re to watch news about students doing this-that, particularly, burning chairs, rallying everywhere. But that’s a big mistake. Do not judge the whole of a thing if you just saw a part of it.

I, myself mistakenly judged PUP, before. But when I started my freshman year, I admitted that I’ve got the wrong impression. Yes, there are activists, they would run to the corridors to fight for what they think is right. I cannot blame them. They’re the reason why we still have this P12/unit, thanks to them. About the issue of firing of chairs, they explained it to us. They weren’t using the new or usable chairs, just the broken ones. It’s a symbol that they are against something. But from my first year up to this year, I haven’t seen burning chairs, maybe they already stopped it.

PUP is a good school to learn at. Quality over Quantity. What do I mean? Low tuition fee, high quality of learning. Yes! That’s one of the best qualities of our university that we should be proud of. And the students! We may not have the money but we have the brains.




Accountancy. Well for me, I don’t have a particular reason why I’d chosen this course. It’s just that, I feel, I am good at this, so why not try? right?. If you ask why not choose engineering courses, I don’t know too, I think I wasn’t prepared at it. Though in my list, Computer Engineering is included, it’s just that, my feels for Accountancy is much higher than Computer Engineering and Information Technology. And now, I can say that I have no regrets about what field I’ve chosen. Errrr, maybe a bit, because in Accountancy, we should read more. I’m a weakling, if we’ll talk about reading, y’know. But since, I started this, I’ll go for it. I trust my feels. I’ll pursue this and fight for what my heart says. I’m gonna do my best! Aja! :)

And I’m looking forward to being a Certified Public Accountant.

Study Hard > Graduate > Review > Pass the Board > CPA ^__^

So that’s all. I’m Rhejina Rose Medino. Signing out. Ciao!

Part of the plan.

Life is a step by step process.

Don’t expect to win unless your willing to risk it all. Winning means sacrificing. Oo nga noh. Sacrifice muna social life, gala, … Not that bookish kind of girl pero I’ll try my best. If you want something go out in your circle diba. You’re the only one who can limit yourself from things. If what you want in the future is kinda crazy then! Jump out on your limitations, risk it all, do EVERYTHING you can, don’t be afraid, trust yourself. Now is the time. Make things happen.