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Isabela’s romance will always and forever be my favorite tbh

i wish more people realized how wonderful a character she is and how much her romance is imporant before dismissing her as the funny overly sexual sidekick :/

Omg… I totally forgot I had started an attempt to illustrate the future past MU/Morgan conversation into a comic form like last summer.. I never finished it, probably because it would have been so spoilery so I derped and left it to dust, but well, suppose I can at least chop it into pieces on one scrap page because I still think the sketches are pretty nice.

You hold the reins on the sun and the moon like horses driven by kings. You cover the mountains, the valleys below with the breadth of Your mighty wings. All treasures of wisdom and things to be known are hidden inside Your hand, and in this fortunate turn of events, You ask me to be Your friend. You ask me to be Your friend. And You, You are my first, You are my last, You are my future and my past.
—  Future Past // John Mark McMillan