About a month or so ago, now I got that itch to go out and hoop at a rave or something soon.


We had our first ever fire/glow meet last week at a local park. It was really quite fun! Being an aerialist, there wasn’t much I could do in the neon department. I do have a (cheap) glow hula hoop which I used (it’s the one on the right next to the really fancy one in the pic of two hoops!) but I still enjoyed it. I took a little video too which I’ll share shortly.

Right after the Bassnectar 360 NYE<3

The energy and vibes I got from that show is so unexplainable and absolutely amazing and perfect!!

Absolutely freezing in downtown Nashville but so worth it to be able to meet so many amazing people and connect through like music and hooping!

I hope my paths get crossed with every body I met soon!


In the dark of the night, we’re masters of light. 

Playing with our LED hoops by the sea. 

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