verse 04: machiavelli never looked this good | semi-open

near-future dystopian dictator au. he is ruthless. he is extremely powerful. he is kind, too, when you meet him — smiling. that’s the hardest thing to reconcile, at times. that he is capable of kindness.

near-future au where alex is a dictator in a dystopian government. selectively open to those who request it & who i feel comfortable doing the verse with.

Centuries (Futuristic/Cyber AU with thisasshat)

Connor limped down the corridor and into the apartment, trying and failing to be subtle about it. Izaya was probably still awake anyway, and even if he wasn’t the loud, uneven footsteps the redhead’s limp was causing would have most likely woken him.

He’d been late locking up the workshop as it was that night, and he was now even later because on the way back he’d been caught in an incident. He had blood slowly dripping down the side of his face, and a large portion of his shirt was stained red. Blood stains also covered parts of his mechanical right arm, and it was hard to tell if he’d damaged it or not. He hobbled to the bathroom and half-collapsed onto the seat there, sighing.

spaggel answered your post Anyone feel like giving me prompts/requests?:

I DO. Tall stiles, older and filled out. All scared up from being a human in a werewolf pack for so long. It would be SO AWESOME

Okay, this is probably not what you had in mind, but I TRIED. ;_;

Older BAMF Stiles is one of my favorites, so I got kind of carried away. Stiles is either a) actually doing some incantation or b) just talking shit to distract bad supernatural being(s) of the week or something.

Stiles having tattoos was influenced by this beautiful art (um I hope this is okay and not against tumblr rules or anything). 


Part 1 / Part 2

Beacon Hills is once again plagued with murderers and serial killers and deputy Stilinski gets kidnapped (the killer wrapped his arms with barbed wire). It all ended well and because the Sheriff had to stay for all the statements and formalities, and Scott was out of town, Stiles ended up at Derek’s loft.