"12 stories depicting 12 Black people connected across different points of time and space through a mere number intersecting along a multiverse where a Black cyborg that wouldn’t have been forged without their attempts tries to escape an Earth doomed to a red giant sun while in search of an eons old question, "What happened to the humans?". Eventually leading the cyborg on a multigalactic, multiuniversal, quantum thriller that began with a decoded number that awoke the cyborg, sent from another universe using quantum technologies.. #27." Story of 27 - Indiegogo campaign

Aries - you have an amazing amount of energy, but you need to quit using it to worry about what everyone else is doing. Focus on being the best version of yourself, not the person next to you.

Taurus - 
you need to ease up a little bit. Quit stressing about everything so much, it’ll all fall into place soon. Trust your talents. You’ve got this.

Gemini - You have a phenomenal way of making people feel special, but you gossip a little too much. Try complimenting people more instead. You can do amazing things with your words.

Cancer - you have a gorgeous heart, but sometimes your sensitivity to others causes you to get used easily. Keep your guard up, not everyone has your best interest.

Leo - you always know how to light up a room when you walk in it, but sometimes you need to keep quiet and listen more. People will appreciate this.

Virgo - you have a very powerful mind and sometimes you allow your thoughts to get to you. Relax a bit, I promise not everyone is out to get you.

Libra - 
you have good intentions, but sometimes your love comes across as smothering. Give people a little breathing room and they’ll find you more approachable.

Scorpio - you’re incredibly strong but you need to quit pushing people that love you away. It’s not weak to show your feelings to them sometimes.

Sagittarius - 
you are such a hopeful person and it’s admirable how you always see the best in everyone, but sometimes you are a little oblivious to the bad around you. Open your eyes a little more, it’s okay if things don’t always go as planned.

Capricorn - you are really chill and easy to talk to, but sometimes your opinions are a little too harsh. Try keeping your negativity to yourself. It’ll hurt less feelings.

Aquarius - you have such a sweet soul, but you need to learn to say no more. You don’t owe anyone anything. You have teeth so bare them every once in a while.

Pisces - you have such an inventive mind, but you have your head in the clouds too much. Ground yourself, and go after what you want. You can do anything you set your mind to.