22-Pizza Party Podcast - Futurama
March 31 2015

Kids Next Door Reboot, Pixels Movie, and our favorite Futurama episodes


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semi- modern cartoon cheat sheet
  • adventure time:silly, random, a little bit like drugs, really sad backstory, lesbians
  • avatar the last airbender:wonderfully written characters, epic plot, war ethics/ morals, cultural influence, prince zuko
  • bob's burgers:has edgy/ dumb jokes like family guy, but the family is actually healthy and supportive, great music, makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside
  • futurama:extremely overlooked, satiric, sci- fi, REALLY hit- or- miss but when it's good it's GOOD
  • gravity falls:mysteries, perfect writing, REALLY fucked up, very emotional, illuminati
  • steven universe:really good music, lesbians everywhere, a+ protagonist, gorgeous artwork
  • over the garden wall:very melancholy, fall aesthetic, beautiful music, lots of emotions