So the massive FIFA corruption arrest scandal is all over the news today, but maybe you heard that FIFA President, and my main man, Sepp Blatter is officially not involved. Because they could not prove that Russia bribed him to award us the 2018 World Cup. Because I hid the Swiss bank account codes in the soccer ball.

Requested Imagine - Neymar

Request - Can u please do a Neymar imagine where ur son is crawling and neymars Brazilian friends like Gil and Joclecio are visiting and ur son gets really excited one morning when ur feeding him some baby breakfast when they come down and he ends up spitting his food all over you and Neymar and his friends find it hilarious? 


 People say first-time parenting is a wild adventure and in this case it totally was. Ever since I gave birth to Isaac - Son of Neymar and I, both our lives have been completely reversed and a bit more complicated. Thank God for Gil and Jo who come to frequently visit their nephew and help assist me out especially when I’m really busy which is why Neymar and I chose them both to become the god fathers to our little Isaac. Not to mention Rafa who also does a wonderful job and is the god mother for Isaac. 

 We were all gathered for brekky at our place and since Neymar didn’t attend training today it was going to be a full house, “Isaac look who it is! It’s Tio Gil and Tio Jo!” They both shouted posing faces to Isaac. As for Davi, he’s been the most protective big brother! He’s always ensuring the safety of his little brother as his first priority which absolutely pokes my heart with a lot of admiration, “Oh my god Gil! You’re scaring my Godson with your silly faces!” Rafa said taking Isaac out of his cradle for a cuddle. 

 "Leave him be Rafa, it’s time for him to have his breakfast.“ Neymar chuckled fetching Isaac and putting him into his baby chair to feed him, "Come on pequeno it’s time for papai to feed you. Davi Come down it’s time for breakfast!” He called placing Isaac into the high chair, “Okay Isaac open your mouth here comes the food!” Neymar spoon fed him the whole time whilst everyone sat at the table eating the scrambled egg with bacon I had prepared. 


 "Stop bouncing him up and down Neymar or else he’ll puke everywhere!“ I say to him, "Don’t worry babe. I’ve already burped him so he’ll be alright for the rest of the day! I’ll just let him crawl around and play with Davi a bit.” He said placing a kiss on Isaac’s chubby rose cheeks and putting him down on the floor to roam around. He played with Davi, Gil and Jo for the next 20 mins before it was time to feed him. 

 "Isaac, it’s milk time!“ I say shaking the formula in his baby bottle and searching for him around the house, "Isaac there you are baby!” I exclaim picking him up from the floor but suddenly just after I did he puked all over my favourite sweater! “Oh meu deus Isaac! For reals?” I groan in disbelief. Everyone around me started cracking up loud enough so that Isaac was laughing along with them too I had to say it was an intense moment but who couldn’t forgive him? After all he was only my little baby.

 Perks of being a full time wag and mom to a newborn I guess. 


 A/N - Sorry for the late request anon! I know you requested this like a couple of days ago but with school it’s been a bit hard to actually write the requested imagines! Thank you so much for your patience x

Translator - Hector Bellerin

“Now what does Encantada de conocerte mean?” Hector quizzed you, a smile playing on his lips. You groaned, why had you promised Hector that you’d learn Spanish so you could talk to his parents in their native language?

“I don’t know Hec!” You groaned once more. Your brain was hurting, none of this made any sense. Hector had cornered you as soon as you got home to give you Spanish lessons. Hector laughed at my frustration and lack of interest, rubbing his hand along my back in way of comfort. You leaned our head onto your kitchen table for a moment, before raising it again. You regretted raising your head instantly as Hector continued to attempt to teach you Spanish.

“How about ¿Quieres un poco de comida?, what does that mean Y/N?” Hector persisted. Instead of replying you simply shrugged. Hector sighed.

“It means ‘Would you like some food’. C’mon Y/N, this isn’t hard.”

“That’s easy for you to say! It’s your native language!” You protested. Normally you would’ve been putting effort into learning Spanish but today you were far too tired. Hector sighed once more, before getting up and leaving the kitchen. 

You heard footsteps going up the stairs and a few moments later you heard the shower being turned on. Hector was understandably mad at you, you would feel exactly the same way. Deciding to leave Hector alone for a while, you went into the living room and watched some TV. 

About half an hour later you heard footsteps coming down the stairs, causing you to turn around. Hector was now dressed in jeans and a leather jacket and had styled his hair. Before I could even say anything to him, he left the house and closed the door with a slam. This attitude was so unlike Hec. Normally after fights we would stay in separate rooms for an hour or so before the one that was in the wrong would go apologize and grovel to the other one. Never had either of us left the house for what clearly is a night out. 

After a few minutes of staring at your walls you decided to get your phone out and text Hector. You typed and retyped your message various times before settling on three simple words:

‘I love you’.

You were about to set your phone down before you decided to text his best friend Jon.

‘Have you seen Hec?’

You received a text back from Jon almost immediately.

‘We’re out in London right now, he said you had an argument and wanted to get his mind off it.’

I wasn’t surprised that Hector had told Jon about our fight, he told him everything. And there was the fact that Jon was incredibly nosy and wouldn’t let Hector drag him out to London nightclubs without a valid excuse. 

‘Yeah we had an argument and he left, just wanted to check he was ok. Keep an eye on him for me please?’

Again, a reply back instantly.

‘Sure x’

I was satisfied that Jon was making sure Hector didn’t do anything dumb, he was a wreckless and thoughtless drunk. I knew it was likely that Hector wouldn’t be coming home tonight so instead of staying up all night worrying myself silly I knew I had to sleep. That’s exactly what I did. 

yoooo! writing those blurbs gave me writing inspiration so whenever i have writers block I’ll write more of those blurbs because i haven’t finished them yet :)
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