My grandfather always tells me: “I saw Pelé play”. My uncle says: “I saw Maradonna play”. When I have sons or grandsons I don’t only want to tell them that I saw Messi play. I want to sat them: “I saw Messi and Die Mannschaft play”.

"I saw Thomas Müller play, who could fall or do silly things in the field, but there wasn’t a match in which he didn’t score a goal."

"I saw Miroslav Klose play, the top scorer in the history of World Cups and who got into the field and, passing less than two minutes, he had already scored a goal."

"I saw Manuel Neuer play, the best goalkeeper in the world and the one who gave us heart attacks  everytime he went out of the area or when he tried to play as a midfielder, but also the one who saved every ball and the one who was always there to fix the stuffs that the team did wrong"

"I saw Benedikt Höwedes play, who got yellow cards but never complain about them and the one who always defended no matter what"

"I saw Mats Hummels play, the one who I’m not supposed to love because he plays for the Borussia Dortmund and I’m from the Bayern München, but the one I love even the circumstancesel, the one who score an amaizing goals with his head and the one who always run to defend.”

"I saw Per Mertesacker play, who was as tall as a basketball player, but who actually was an amaizing footballer and an amaizing midfielder who always wanted to learn more beyond his experience"

"I saw Toni Kroos play, who played so well that he leave the Bayern to join the Real Madrid, but who we still love no matter what" 

"I saw Mesut özil play, who most of people called him ugly, but for me was not only perfect, but a guy who played like a God”

"I saw Mario Götze play, who had such a pretty face and such a cute cheeks that it was impossible for the other teams to hate him when he scored them like a hundread goals”

"I saw Erik Durm play, who was also from the Borussia Dortmund, but who was so cute, so kind and had such an amaizing actitude that it was impossible not to love him"

"I saw Lukas Podolski play, the one who left everything, until the last drop of sweat and who never stoped until reaching the limit”

"I saw Andre Schürrle play, the one who everytime that he had the ball attacked, no matter how many midfielders were there”

"I saw Bastian Schweinsteiger play, the new captain and the most kind and sweet person I’ve ever known. Everytime he was pushed or punched, he got up from the ground and he kept on playing like if he was on his best moment, because there were no bad moments for him”

"I saw Philipp Lahm play, THE CAPTAIN, my inspiration and the person who I most admire. He didn’t score as many goals as Müller, Klose or Götze did, but he was the best on his position. He was the soul of the team, the one who always respected everyone, never mistreated anyone and who always was in calm"

I would also like to tell my son that I saw Neuer score a goal, that there were no better captains that Lahm or Schweinsteiger, and that Klose and Müller shared the top scorer post. I would like to get into his room and see all the pictures of the selection, go together to see the matchs, shout as if our lives depended on it and sing the anthem as if there is no other more beautiful song.

I want my son to love Die Mannschaft like I loved the one of my time and like I love his. Because no matter what time is it, they are still going to be “Die Weltmeister”, and they are still going to be Die Mannschaft. 

Mein Mannschaft.