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Okay, slightly confused here. I think everyone can guess what the first picture is from(as in Jail Break where Garnet is fused once again). But the problem I’m seeing is, the second picture. I took it as a screenshot from a new sneak peak clip where Uncle Grandpa shows up. Anybody see the lil’ question I’m about to ask?

Thing is, I don’t really know if this takes place before Jail Break(Though that would make some sense), the animators are doing this by accident(Though opal also had a slight outfit change in Jail Break), or something deeper is going on(Super duper secret Sugar).

I just wanted to bring this up if anyone wanted to discuss it with lil’ ol’ me. :> 

With the help of zalkyrion I colored Angel Aura! She did the lineart and colored her own variant. This is only one of my color schemes for her, I’m going to try a few before i settle and feedback is always nice.

This is a Link to hers.


(via Asharah - The Dancers Eye | Flickr - Photo Sharing!)