today i tried making fuse bead bowls!
they’re very simple to make and pretty nifty! :D

1. preheat your oven to 190 degrees celsius (about 400 degrees fahrenheit).
2. find an oven safe bowl (it will usually say on the bottom - if it doesn’t say that it is oven safe, i’d recommend getting one that does just in case!) and spray a light coat of oil inside it.
3. line the bowl with fuse beads. you can use hama, perler or any other brand. i used a cheap brand i get over here in new zealand. i made sure that they were all on their side. you don’t have to arrange them this way though.
4. place the bowl in the middle of the oven for about 8 minutes. you’ll want to watch it carefully because you don’t want to burn or over-melt them.
5. carefully remove the hot bowl from the oven. wait for the bowl to cool. once it is cool you should be able to turn it upside down and tap your newly made bowl out! horray!

you now have a cool little bowl to put your trinkets in! :)

A plethora of things you can make with your fusible bead creations after they are fused.  Extend the fun and learning with some of these ideas!  Bookmarks make a great gift for idea for any holiday.  Once you’ve made a few search for homemade wrapping paper or gift wrap ideas on this blog and set to work wrapping your creations.  Search “fusible beads” for more great uses for the inexpensive craft materials.

So, I played around and made a collage thingy! 

Fusible beads in the Third Dimension:

           I’m not even gonna try to figure out how this was done. 

           I’m just going to give them my money :)

  • 6 From Minieko, with a printable design sheet to make your own candle holder.
  • 7 A hanging planter from Peaches + Keen.