Douglas SBD Dauntless dive bomber flying in the waters off New Guinea.

A lot can be seen in this amazing photograph.  The pilot is able to talk to his rear facing enlisted gunner via an ICS system, the gunner operates a twin .30 caliber machine gun for strafing and self defense.  There are several white bombs painted just forward of the cockpit, each indicating a mission where ordnance was dropped.  Forward of the painted bombs there is “OK” written on a fuselage panel, when maintainers work on aircraft they often use a colored grease pencil as a reminder that a part or whole aircraft is safe for flight.  Forward of the “OK” writing is a round symbol, probably the squadrons logo.   


Unoccupied desert and sun-baked boredom, the Jag pilot flying low in Oman. Jaguars often performed low level flights and once a car being driven by one of the Hunter pilots was hit by a low flying Jaguar, one of the belly fins on rear of fuselage impacted on roof of car. Luckily, the driver was uninjured, as was the aircraft.