Ragnar’s by far my favorite character from the show and the final product of collaboration between Fimmel and Hirst is great. But Ecbert is coming close to the first spot. I was flabbergasted when I found out he’s played by Linus Roache, the same actor who portrayed Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins and the Furyan Necromancer priest in the 2004 Riddick movie. He’s unrecognizable and his versatility as an actor is astounding.

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Cool Cosplay: Absorbing Man, Batgirl, And More!

Cool Cosplay: Absorbing Man, Batgirl, And More!

Absorbing Man By Alpha Furyan, Makeup By ECHO Endless, Photography By M.G. Norris

Captain America By Ken Eden Cosplay

Sauron By Detty Cosplay

Black Adam By Planet Ruby

Batgirl By Jennifer Rose

Rule 63 Quicksilver By Reign Cosplay

Silk By ECHO Endless

Spider-Gwen By Teeny Foxx Cosplay

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caseywolfe07 asked:

Riddick is feeling particularly restless & when that happens he ends up being a bigger pain in the ass than usual. Unfortunately for Johns, he's usually on the receiving end. In his defense Riddick should have known better than to sneak up on an armed merc while in hunting mode. Even so, Johns winces as he pulls the knife out of Riddick's hand, freeing it from the wall it was pinned to. "Sorry?" "You owe me whiskey." "I can do whiskey." "And a blow job." "Don't push it."

Considering they both know he knows better he’s lucky to get the whiskey, but Johns is a sucker for Riddick’s forlorn look, something that the Furyan takes advantage of when it suits him. With luck he might even be able to con the merc into giving him that blow job, if the blond doesn’t wise to his plans first.