Here it is! Five Nights At Furry’s 2! Took me forever to sort through all our clips and edit this together, but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Major thanks to sailorolive, ponyquest, clockworkcoon, pyrekitsune, fortheloveofcatss, and oswalds-ears for working hard to help make this video happen!


As some of you will remember, in Autumn 2014 Bloo was given to me, the
character, her species, her suit and everything, apart from the head.

The lack of a head led me to think on recreating her, so this Bloo would
be completely my own, as compared to the previous verison of Bloo! The
best way to do that was to make her colours just that little bit more
accurate :)


- Padded lower arms
- Stompy feet
- Long tail
- Stuffed long claws
- follow me eyes

She was made with Seal and DF sparkle fur, with fleece for her claws.
Her eyes were painted with several layers, and then varnished to prevent
them getting scratched off. Her teeth were a custom jawset I built
myself and cast in resin. I also tried something different with her
eyelashes, and chose not to have them go all around her eyes :)

The sushi prop was made by madebymercury and I felt it was the perfect prop for her x)

MK one Bloo: