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Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule is apparently going to feature some furries and fursuiting.

Don’t know how many people saw/heard about this before, but today was my first hearing of it. Normally I am a fan of the show so I think this should be interesting/funny. What are other people’s thoughts?


Did a photoshoot with Tommy Bruce ( at MFF and the whole thing was amazing!  I love these so much!  They’re fantastic!  Still sad I couldn’t finish the feet in time, but I can finish those later.  I’m planning on dragging this Zorua partial to some other cons so plenty of time to wear those. ^^;

Also in retrospect I probably should’ve taken my badges off, but I didn’t think about it. ^^;  But the pictures of my Zorua turned out fantastic and I love them! <3

Photos by Tommy Bruce

Zorua Partial by Me


Comet holding Buck Hunt gun

Furbowl 43

Wilmington, DE

Hey guys I’m gonna be at FWA in Atlanta tomorrow, bringing a couple different cameras and hoping to do a whole lotta takin’ and talkin’! See you there. My email is still, or hit me up on twitter: @tommylikesart