If you're new to this blog:

Hello! My name is Lola, but if you don’t know me very well please just call me Queen cx
I am:
-A lesbian
-A feminist
-A fan of Steven universe, adventure time, amazing world of gumball, Orange is the new black, American horror story, and many others!
-A furry and an artist
-And an extraordinary person even if I don’t think too highly of myself most of the time. Don’t be scared to talk to me! I love making conversation.

I post/reblog:
-Selfies of my face and my body (do not ask for nudes, I do not take those nor will I ever)
-Steven universe!
-Art that I really enjoy, mostly anthro art
-Zodiac posts
-Depressing shit that shouldn’t be on this acc but I’m too lazy to switch to my personal which is hatemyvoice
-Pictures of cute people and friends!!
-Nude, non-sexual pictures of people that are aesthetically or sexually pleasing
-My own art
-Master posts for anxiety, depression, charities, and other things the world just doesn’t have enough of

A little bit about me!
I’m a non-binary lesbian, meaning my gender is really not restricted but I mostly go by male or female pronouns. Use whichever you please! I love helping people, it’s a passion I’ve had since a very young age and I also love to draw. If you’re ever feeling down or need advice, don’t be scared to talk to me because I’m there for you.
I tend to vent a lot on this account despite it being my main account. If there is anything triggering on here that you want me to tag, please let me know.

I have Asperger’s syndrome, clinical depression, social anxiety, and paranoia. But I try to get by with each passing day. I’m more for helping others than just focusing on myself.

I am an atheist but I am very tolerant of
Other religions and I am even experimenting with Buddhism and Leveyan satanism (lmao I’m sorry if I spelt that wrong cx)

I do not take requests! I’m sorry if that’s an inconvenience, and I also rarely take art trades. Feel free to ask though. My commissions are very cheap for how much work I put into them. Feel free to ask about those too.
And that’s about it! Enjoy me and my dumb blog and don’t forget to have a wonderful day

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furryfandomfaces is a new blog dedicated to showing the world your cuteness. If you consider yourself a furry, or a fursuiter, or a furry artist or just someone who digs wearing tails and being a giant dork, head over to our submit box and show off your face


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ok, so, hello, everyone. i’m loppy. everyone knows that. 

i’m a 21 year old artist, and i REALLY want to go to art school. i grew up in a single-income home with one other sibling. my dad goes to work, and my mom is disabled. we have never been particularly wealthy. we’ve always managed to have enough to eat, but college was never really an option for me growing up. my parents are scraping up ends meet trying to send my sister to college,

so, it’s up to me to come up with the money to send myself to school. i don’t want my parents to have to worry about me anymore. i’ve been flip flopping between dead-end jobs for a few years now, trying to pay bills that just keep piling on, and it’s never enough. so i’m going to try and sell my art for the cause and set everything aside in an account i can’t touch. 

if you can’t afford my art, i understand, but please signal boost. this is one of my dreams and i’m willing to work as hard as i can for it!

please guys my job is gone, im already behind on rent and if i loose this house my kitties do too. i just need some commissions to tie us over, so we can make a payment on rent so i have a little longer than (5 days) to live here. 

im so scared guys 

if you HATE MY ART for some reason please if you have any spare cash please toss it my way at Vespersollertia@live.com 

it will mean keeping myself, my two cats and my boyfriend off the street
we have no where else to go. 

12 hour art requests (CLOSED)

Today (April 16) I will be taking art requests only from 11AM to 11PM CST. I’ll take as many as I can, but will only be accepting them for twelve hours. Ways to contact me:
-Kik: AyzuthoFurryArtist
-email: ayzuthobusiness@gmail.com
-Through messages or fan mail, or reblogging this with a ref and what you want.
(If you have a reference on FA that is NSFW, send it to my email, FA won’t allow me for see it). If you wish to do an art trade, I am willing to do that also.