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Kaze no Tabibito - Prince of Tennis ending 5

You have changed little by little through the days.
Wrapped in the gentle memories,
In order to become strong in the blue sunlight,
In order not to get lost in the future.
Run far away, feel the wind at your back,
So that you will not forget this endless journey.
Travelers on the wind always keep this in their hearts.
Into the new world it brings forth,
Into the shining days.
—  Kaze no Tabibito by Fureai 
Music shuffle

Put your music device on shuffle and write the first 10 songs that play without skipping. Tag 10 people afterwards.

I was tagged by yuushioshitari! But I have to explain that I broke up pretty recently, and since the other person owned the Spotify account we used, I lost my starred music in the process. So now I basically have nothing to shuffle there and therefore I’m left with just tennis music on my player. ^^’ That being the case my list looks like this:

  1. Tenimyu Cast - VICTORY ~ Iku ze!
  2. Niou & Yagyuu (Tenimyu) - Petenshi daa? Nanto demo ie
  3. Tenimyu Cast - Aoku moeru honoo 2
  4. Shiraishi Kuranosuke (Hosoya Yoshimasa) - Sunshine on My Heart
  5. Hiyoshi Wakashi (Tenimyu) - Gekokujou
  6. Fureai (Prince of Tennis ending) - Kaze no Tabibito
  7. Tezuka Kunimitsu (Tenimyu) - Yomigaereshi Mono
  8. Aozu (Prince of Tennis) - Kakaeta Kiseki
  9. Echizen Ryouma (Tenimyu) - I’m Always Winner
  10. Tenimyu Cast - Kamigakari no Tennis ~ Dakara Katsu no wa…

Under normal circumstances the list would be probably be filled with trashy dancehall, R’n’B, Justin Timberlake, trip hop, Finnish rap and maybe some jazz and oriental drums.

Anyway, tags! I can’t remember who did this already, sorry. Feel free to skip, as always. cottoncandygarden, trinode, mudoon, ihmesusi, biitti, aagee, leavescrown, shingeki-no-bitching, yanagay & zuttathezombie.