Cmon for the abs still coming out even after s full large pizza and a carb load day! Nice to be seeing the results I was aiming for this summer, but the success doesn’t stop there I’m determined to keep it going 💪🏼😈 #goals #fitness #abs #bedtime #fur #matineebody #goodnight

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more of the reformed cruella de vil!Hermann?

“So this is our workshop,” Newt waves his hands around as they walk in;

Hermann tries to sneer, but honestly, he is quite impressed- the place is clean and professional, clinical white and good linoleum on the floor; he walks over to the various samples on the laboratory tables, examining the thickness of the fur, the weight and texture that seems so real; leopard, tiger, mink, rabbit-

Something hits his leg;

Hermann starts, and looks down, wondering if Newt has thrown a ball at him or- something equally childish-

A dark ball of fur, with two beady eyes, looks back at him;

“Oh, sorry-” Newt hurries in, “The General must have gotten out again-”

Hermann doesn’t answer, looking down at the plushly furred rabbit, there is something driven in those dark eyes, and- almost without thinking, he bends down to pick it up;

“Don’t-” Newt reaches him, then stops;

The fur is impossibly soft, the body underneath warm and taut, Hermann can feel its heart beating fast as a tiny drum against his fingers; he shifts it in his arms, trying to find the right way of holding it- it kicks with fluffy white feet, impatiently;

“Here;” Newt slides his arm down to support its backside, lets it brace four paws on his chest and the rabbit calms, blinks dark eyes at him; “He likes you;”

Hermann looks down at the rabbit, it’s nose twitches; anyone else would describe it as adorable; Hermann can see the threat for what it is; watch out, or I’ll rip you open;

Hermann meets its eyes, I’d like to see you try, fuzzy gloves;

There’s a pause, Newt seems to have stopped breathing, finally, the body in his hands relaxes a little, and Hermann cradles it, and strokes its back;

“Wow;” Newt shakes his head, “He doesn’t like anyone;”

“I’m not anyone;” Hermann smiles, but keeps petting the rabbit, “Is he one of your pets?”

Newt snorts, “Him a pet- yeah, he’s a chinchilla grey; we took him after he attacked like six owners and no one wanted to adopt him;”

Hermann feels a surge of strange affection towards the rabbit; this is a creature he can get behind; it sits up in his arms and rubs it’s chin on Hermann’s shoulder, “What’s his name-” Hermann spits out a mouthful of fur when the rabbit buts against his nose;

“General Woundwort;” Newt grins, then it slips off when Hermann frowns at him;

“Is this a military animal-” actually, he can see it, this isn’t a rabbit anyone would want to meet on a battlefield;

Newt rolls his eyes, “You seriously never watched Watership Down- oh wow, you have got to see it, it’s awesome-”

Hermann nods, absently, he looks down at the rabbit, who starts back steadily;

Newt hesitates, then, “D’you wanna keep him?”

Hermann stares at him, “Don’t you-”

Newt shakes his head, “We’ve got other rabbits, and we’ve got his DNA anyway; if you want-” he trails off hopefully;

Hermann glances down again, do you want to come back with me?

The General looks back, as though to say Well, you’re marginally less obnoxious than everyone else-

Hermann smiles, and steadies the rabbit; “Yes;”


Normally, rabbits should go home in pairs, Newt explains, as he weights Hermann down with a flatpack rabbit house, rabbit litterbox, rabbit feeder, waterbowl, rabbit-proofing tools etc, etc, etc; but the General would go after anyone in his space, so Hermann had better take him with him on any extended trips;

Which is why, after fixing up his flat, he gathers his things to go out and sees the General already waiting for him by the door; when he comes close, he hops into Hermann’s £2,000 Gucci bag and stares defiantly at him;

Hermann shrugs, and picks up the bag, the heavy weight of it thumping against his side, the General’s nose twitches, satisfied;

The board is less than impressed when he come in and turns the General loose with a bowl of water and a few leafy greens; “A gift from your new colleges, Doctor Gottlieb?”

The General’s ear twitches in irritation, Hermann feels his itch with the desire to do the same, “I viewed their facilities,” he answers coolly, “They seem very impressive, they are not a scam;”

The man glances at General Woundwort, who turns his back disdainfully and hops on Hermann’s lap, then down to the floor; “We want to make sure their- ideology does not get in the way of this company’s profits, Doctor-”

What profits, Hermann scowls, the company’s been losing money hand over fist; “Their ideology is what we need to rebrand the company; we want to be known as forward thinking- offering the revolutionary combination of cutting-edge science and the comforts of real fur;”

“Hence the rabbit;” another board member hides her smile, “That’ll look good in the papers;”

The first speaker isn’t satisfied, “I don’t think your judgement is quite as fair as you would like us to believe, first you invite this- eco-terrorist leader into your home, now you adopt his pet-”

Hermann feels his skin burn under his fur stole, angry and embarassed, “He is hardly an eco-terrorist-”

“And you would know that,-” the sharpness makes him straighten, how dare he, “There are rumours about you both, why should we-”

He breaks off with a howl, Hermann starts, and the man jumps up, shaking his leg;

General Woundwort’s teeth and all four paws are dug into his calf, tearing through his hundred pound trousers and clawing at his patent leather designer shoes;

Finally, the General lets go and drops to the floor, stalking back to Hermann fast enough to get out of the way, but just slowly enough to show off;

The board table erupts in laughter, the man’s face is scarlet, his trouserleg in tatters; Hermann doesn’t smile, “Get out;”

“I own-”

“Less than I do, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers, now get out;”

He leaves, the rest of the board calms down, and the meeting ends rather constructively.


“Hey;” Newt pushes the door open, carrying a bottle of wine- some godwaful plonk, no doubt, but Hermann steels himself to be diplomatic- and a DVD, “Had a good day- how the General-” Hermann indicates the sofa next to him, where the General is nibbling on some hay; “Awesome, you’ve done a great job with the place, has he been behaving himself-”

Hermann glances at General Woundwort, and smiles, “As well as possible;”

“Awesome,” Newt hops on the sofa next to him, “Anyway, I have booze, I got the film, you wanna watch-”

“As thought you’d let me get away without watching it;”

“Nope, you’ll love it, it’s got the General in it;” Hermann puts in the DVD, and switches it on, while Newt pours out two glasses of wine;

The film is saccharine and absurd, but Hermann finds himself sitting up in enjoyment, and even the wine is- it’s painful to admit it- rather good; and when General Woundwort comes on screen, his General jumps down and tries to fight the television;

Newt’s hand slides into him;

Hermann smiles, relaxing into the sofa as the General calms down and sulks under the table, feeling deeply, and satisfyingly happy.