Jackson Funrunner 60 - my review

Two weeks ago, I hired a Jackson Funrunner 60 at Lee Valley, in my quest to find a light(er) river runner the than Dagger GT I normally borrow from KMKA. I borrowed the smaller size (smallest available), which is 60 gallons, and weights 12-15kg, depending which data sheets you read. It had unusual outfitting (given I have previously only paddled a Star from the Jackson range), involving strings that you tug on to move the seat and footrest. The footrest felt flimsy, but was much quicker and easier to adjust than a ratchet or nut-and-bolt style.

The Funrunner really punches through the grade 3 features on the LV legacy loop, although without airbags (who loans out boats with no airbags?!) it went from floaty light (noticeably easier to lift than my GT) to a dead weight when you wanted to get it out on the bank. It surfed well and was a fun boat, as the name suggests.

However, for muggins here (160cm) it was too big. I struggled to get the seat and footrest tight enough together to keep me in place, and my knees were too low. It was also designed for someone of at least 170cm in the cockpit design. It was deeper than the GT, and that made rolling a shock - it was so much harder for me to reach around the boat to get my paddle out of the water. My roll is now reiable in the GT and the Captain’s Wavesport Project 45, but not in this thing.

Back to the boat-buying drawing board. I am now considering looking for a child’s creeker!