Take a break from planning your Hudson Valley dream wedding and check out this hilarious article! The answers from these little kids are just priceless when asked about marriage. This article will sure put a smile on your face and brighten up your day!

After reading it, all us of us here at West Hills Country Club were laughing out loud! Our favorite answer was from Alan age 10 when he was asked “How do you decide who to marry?” He replied “You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep the chips and dip coming.”

Did this article have you laughing as hard as we were? Tell us your favorite response from these adorable kids!

It’s a beautiful mystery, how people find one another, how we can fall in love.
We don’t know how it happens but it does; all the pieces fit together and the world stops,
& nothing else matters.

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The Pinterest Effect

These are just a few of the MANY pages of pinterest that inspired my DIY ideas and basically any idea of what I wanted our wedding to be.

Where did I start? first I started with just typing in weddings… then funny weddings… then elegant weddings… then diy weddings…then bargain weddings…then beach weddings…then unique weddings….then pink and blue weddings… then blue and coral weddings… then dog weddings… then hawaii weddings… then hawaii dog weddings… then aqua and coral hawaii dog weddings…. then aqua and coral hawaii dog diy cheap bargain funny beach elegant weddings….you get the train of thought here…

I like pink/coral, tob likes blue/aqua, we’re not doing a destination wedding, so staying at home means somewhere in Hawaii, I wanted the dogs incorporated, we wanted to have fun if not funny moments during our wedding day, he wanted elegant, i wanted to save money by doing diy ideas…

How did we decide on aqua and coral? well navy and pink seemed overdone… we’ve been to alot of wedding with that and well.. we’re more beach-oriented, maybe not so much with our work schedules these days, but we used to be. I like the brighter side of the pink spectrum, and it took until the last month before our wedding for toby to decide he liked aqua on the blue spectrum and if not aqua, tiffany blue was close second. How did I get him to decide on the blue? Took him to walmart and showed him the ribbon department… thats how. Guys (or maybe just my guy) seem to have a hard time visually liking something if it’s not physically in front of them and after constantly failing to not get the right color for the various things I planned for our wedding (first he said baby blue, then emerald green, then mint green, then “ocean blue”), I got fed up, dragged to him Walmart after work one night and had him pick it out. The ribbon color was called aqua and it was set ever since….

Anyways, back to the inspiration…It’s amazing how quickly your creative juices start flowing when you go on pinterest… then etsy… then amazon… then back to google… then weddingwire… then the knot…

So you’re probably looking thru the photos and realizing you don’t see any wedding dress inspirations… About a week after we got engaged, I realized that in order to find and get a dress altered I HAD to do it right then and there. You should allow at LEAST 3 months to find “THE ONE” dress and get it altered. But I’m getting ahead of myself… Let’s save that for the next post….

Until then… go enjoy yourself in the time suck known as the pinterest effect…