Another Custom Print from Kristin Condon and her son Jude from Minnesota. Here is the conversation they had and it is hilarious. Thanks again guys!

Jude: “If you were angry at someone in a boat, you
could not throw a duck at them. That would not
be okay.”
Me: “Right.”
Jude: “Because ducks are cute.”
Me: “Right.”
Jude: “And, then someone would say, ‘Hey, are you 
crazy?! You can’t throw a duck at me!”

και πες ότι είχα κοιλιακούς,
…τι θα τους έκανα;


Have you ever been in one of those moods where you just want to grab everything and rip it from the walls and break everything because you feel broken and you want to scream and kick and cry because nothing feels right and its all wrong and you don’t feel right and I don’t know anymore.