funny fat guy

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Height: 5'10"

SW: 360


2 years ago I was a very unhealthy, obese, and depressed person. To everyone else I seemed like the funny fat guy, but inside I’ve always been sad. I was a smoker that weighed 360 pounds and has family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other things. But it wasn’t until I wasn’t able to ride a roller coaster because of my size that I realized just how big I was. The first thing I did when I got home is I threw out every cigarette I owned, I knew it was time for change. In less than a year I had gone down from 360 pounds to 180 pounds and along the way I gained more confidence than I’ve ever had, and was no longer depressed. 

I hate when people don't like Adele because she's fat.

Oh sorry I see. you think people have a weight limit for being HUMAN.

“Excuse me thing. you seem to be over 175 pounds. please line up with all those other things less than human over there. you don’t belong on TV, the radio, in my way, or on this planet. I’m sorry health problems? Yeah…only humans can get those.”


I mean seriously. what the flying fuck. I thought the fucking holocaust was enough of  turning-point in humanity’s hatred of segregation. I guess people aren’t learning ANYTHING from the world around them. I guess they don’t know how to learn from other people’s mistakes.

We’re still facing the same problems we did a few decades ago, except this time we’re doing it subtly. We’re quietly and slowly killing our own people with judgement and ridicule. How can we ban together and be a country of freedom when we won’t even free our heads enough to stop our own hate? We’re not supposed to be a people of “tolerance” we’re supposed to be a people of Acceptance. 








We only hate what we don’t understand.

We only fear what we don’t understand.

The next time you begin to hate or fear, try to think why. Put some research into it. You might feel stronger against your demons, and help others do the same.



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The things I do for love.

So my sister’s odd taste in comedy has led to me seeing Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. 

That really tried my patience. Kevin’s Character was incredibly insufferable and it did feel at times like the show was having a go at the occupation of being semi law enforcement. 

Some of the people in the comment sections for the redlettermedia suggested that Kevin James is a Chris Farley replacement and I can see it in this movie. I remember those SNL sketches and movies and this is all Chris would do. Be a really funny spastic fat guy playing a put upon dork. 

Not that I don’t like Kevin James. I just don’t find him very funny. I used to watch Kevin James all the time on the King of Queens. Don’t ask me why. I never found the show funny I just needed something to watch because cartoons started sucking (mid 2000s obviously) for a bit. 

Instead of cartoons I started watching sitcoms. I was very miserable. 

If I were to be fair to James though and why not I like being fair. Not even Chris would make this movie good. Some stuff was just really bad and call me crazy. The heist part was actually watchable. 

The premise of a mall cop solving a real crime die hard style is entertaining. Could be done better probably but Kevin James did okay. 

Loni Love from World’s Dumbest was also there as well as that one girl from Austin and Ally and another person that only my sister was able to recognize. 

To the layman it probably doesn’t mean much but redlettermedia fans entertain the head canon that most Adam Sandler films are ponzi schemes.  

Don’t take my word for it! 

Yeah and before you ask yes. There was a ton of Sony advertising and easy to pay accessible low rent actors and actresses to play the parts.

Now calling someone a conman is a pretty big accusation but sometimes I do wonder about Mr. Sandler’s career. Although people do watch these movies so maybe it’s legit. Or maybe it really is the Great American Comedy Swindle. 

No idea but I’d rather have watched the Avengers or Mad Max than Paul Blart 2. At least my sister liked it…