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[Saxxy Awards 2014] Tribute

Se Deus nos abrisse os olhos, o que veríamos? Mães e pais, vocês veriam anjos escoltando seu filho a caminho da escola. Viajantes, vocês veriam anjos circundando o avião. Pacientes, vocês veriam anjos monitorando os movimentos do cirurgião. Adolescentes, vocês veriam anjos vigiando seu sono. Muitos, muitos anjos.
—  Max Lucado - Na jornada com Cristo (Anjos o protegem ao longo da jornada)

My Captain Swan tea arrived today! I finally got to try the tea I’ve been toting around my blog for the past week!

I shared a pot with my Mum and sister, and it went over great! We all drank it straight. It went really well with these ginger-ish-like cookies we had with them. I think I’ll try it with milk next time too :)

Has anyone else gotten their tea yet?

In appropriate technology our professor asked us if we know what memes are and someone said “you mean like scumbag Steve or something?”

And he explained that memes are actually a unit of cultural ideas, similar to the way that genes are a unit of heredity. So with such a sophisticated definition, it’s kind of amazing the first thing we think of when we hear the word is

"wen u mom com home and make hte spageti"