DAY 11✨#AdmireandAspire ✨@chelsea_wise_ ✨#FunkySideCrow✨

Today Kate introduces us to Chelsea. Not sure why I haven’t been following this gem?!? Her black and white photos are beautiful and inspiring. I love the splash of color she adds to the black and white shots! Join us in recognizing her beautiful practice, fierce motivation, stellar posts and amazing energy.

Join me in following @chelsea_wise_ , her art is worthy of us to certainly Admire and Aspire.

Emulate Chelsea’s black and white Funky Side Crow to give thanks for all the sweet awesomeness that she is.

Tag the 3 hosts and @chelsea_wise_ to show we are honouring her greatness. Chelsea …Day 11 for #admireandaspire is all about you. We love your practice, your heart and you. FACT.

@gordonogden 👈posting Day 12 next

(at Day 11 #AdmireAndAspire)

#fallinlovewithyoga day 8. Today the theme was #nostretchypants … We had to get out of yoga clothes and well… So many others busted out their heels I did too! My affirmation today is “yes I can” because this is the first time I have ever been able to do a funky variation arm balance! #funkysidecrow I was even able to pop up some peace fingers! @amyippoliti @yogabeyond @laurasykora @tjhark @kathrynbudig @toesox #aimtruecrew

day.28 ✨"Dare to be free, dare to go as far as your thoughts would lead, and dare to carry that out in your life.“✨ by rosyslim via Instagram

Day 28 of was Funky Side Crow with an optional Sayanasana variation… I thought I wouldn’t be able to do the variation but decided not to limit myself! I held it for a couple seconds! ☆★☆ @liquidoactive @beachyogagirl @mackenzieyoga @tinabock @laurasykora by runnersluck via Instagram