fun spiran april fools day jokes that won’t get you excommunicated if you’re lucky:

  • swap the hymn of the fayth cd in bevelle temple with uptown funk 
  • tell jecht it’s a national holiday and the bar’s closed
  • replace lulu’s cactuar doll with a real cactuar
  • breathe really heavily in yuna’s ear so she thinks brother is behind her
  • play buckaroo with kimahri; place objects on him until he’s forced to verbally express his feelings
  • swap wakka’s hair gel with super glue
  • fill auron’s flask with mountain dew
  • get married. throw yourself off the temple roof halfway through the ceremony. scream april fools all the way down
  • hide seymour’s makeup bag. also hide yourself. that’s not part of the prank, it’s a basic safety tip
  • shelinda
  • marry an al bhed woman and see how long it takes for your life to end in  vaguely homoromantic tragedy

and as an irl bonus, if you don’t like having friends and associates:

  • tell people you liked the audiodrama

Born on this day: April 1, 1949 - Poet, singer, songwriter, and musician Gil Scott-Heron (born Gilbert Scott-Heron in Chicago, IL). Happy Birthday to this visionary artist on what would have been his 66th Birthday.

anonymous asked:

I wonder it seems that Maks go through his bout of depression and/or funk; Meryl happens to not be around, so I am curious if he would have the same Jekyll and Hyde demeanor with Meryl as he does with Peta?

One of the teachings of my Buddhism is that a person needs to learn to be happy in his/her daily life on his/her own, no matter what is going on. I believe that Maks is happier when he’s around Meryl - that’s pretty much a given - at least in the short periods of time they have spent together. Whether that would be the case with more exposure, I don’t know, but being truly in love with your partner helps deal with a lot of the stuff that life throws at you.

The ultimate issue is, however, how to do this on your own. You cannot be truly happy if you need someone else to get you out of your funk. It’s not fair to that person because it puts a burden on them that isn’t their responsibility.

Meryl appears to know this and is an example of this ability.

That said, Maks and many of us were born under different stars and it’s a bigger challenge. The trick is to somehow learn how she or anyone accomplishes that feat.

For the record, I don’t see anything particularly bad about him going into a depression - sometimes we have to go into our psychological basements to rummage around and see if there is anything down there to bring light to whatever it is that is bothering us.

Some call it the beast in the basement and some call it the wounded child - it’s usually both because wounded children can become beasts! We all have parts of ourselves that nobody likes or that we think are bad or evil or only create problems. In truth, however, this child often has the answer to our troubles if we listen to him/her.

When I read Drake’s poems, I see his wounded child and his beast in the basement. He puts into words what so many of us feel and by reading those words, we can feel better because someone understands.

That’s probably the greatest thing that a partner can offer you. Maks likely gets that feeling from Meryl.

Joi Ride: Soul Diva Joi Rewrites The R&B Rule Book

Joi’s new joint, The Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome, sends her hurtling further into the musical stratosphere, but she still keeps a home base on Planet Soul. Backed mainly by black rock vets Fishbone, she echoes LaBelle’s funk on “Ghetto Superstar” one minute, serves boho-like Prince or Kravitz the next on “Dandelion Dust,” then puts Eddie Kendricks to shame on “It’s Over.”

Changing gears comes easily for Joi. The only child of a psychological evaluator for the Nashville Police Department and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joe Gilliam, Joi Elaine Gilliam’s biggest problem growing up wasn’t finding a vocation but choosing one.”I knew I wanted to sing from, like, birth,” Joi admits. “But I wanted to dance, too! I wanted to act! I wanted everything.” 

Still, for a while, she settled for nothing. She dropped out of Tennessee State, rejected the Air Force, left home, pierced her nose, and fell in with some small-time criminals. “They were running credit-card scams, selling drugs, whatever was illegal and could get the money coming in. I managed a strip club, too, but my mother found out.” Mom’s police connections shut the place down. “I didn’t have the balls to scam,” Joi recalls. “But the only way I know how to deal with shit is to hit it head-up.

people i have officially made it. this is apparently a paper on “high” and “low” literature called Hohe und niedere Literatur: Tendenzen zur Ausgrenzung, Vereinnahmung und Mischung im deutschsprachigen Raum and they are analysing inkheart fanfiction in this part and how the fanfic writers imitate funke’s style and there is half a page about how i described my work progress to my readers??? & they make a super smart scientific analysis of what i wrote as a reply to someone commenting “omg this reads just like funke” and they make it look like i’m def not the 17 year old nerd i was when i wrote this?! pls also note how they conclude with “this could probably maybe mean that she started out with imitation and then developed her own writing style”. like. this is fame. this is it right there

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weird mental music problem i’m having - uptown funk gets stuck in my head occasionally, but i don’t actually know the whole song that well because i’ve only listened to it like two or three times, i think, so after ‘cuz uptown funk’s gonna give it to ya, saturday night we in the spot’ my brain just goes straight into the catdog theme song

i really feel like that shouldn’t work at all, and yet it’s a hard-welded connection for some reason