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Wednesday: One gets you two

Go and ask Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, or even Gil Evans, to tell you about the Japanese trombonist SHUNZO OHNO. They will discuss the incredible virtuosity of an artist whose career suggests some beautiful pieces of Jazz-Funk made ​​in 80’s … On this one, Antares, we made ​​a abounding colorful stop, chromatic strength slashed in the middle with a clean cut between two styles of Funk each impeccably bent and double bent… 

Let’s play.


Mercredi :  Un contre deux

Demandez donc à Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, ou carrément à Gil Evans, de vous parler du tromboniste japonais SHUNZO OHNO. Ils évoqueront l’incroyable virtuosité d’un artiste dont le parcours donne à entendre certains belles pièces de Jazz-Funk made in 80…Sur ce titre, Antares, on se fait un arrêt foisonnant de couleurs, une force chromatique entaillée au milieu d’un découpage net entre deux styles de Funk chacun irréprochablement mis en plis et dé-plis…

Let’s play

model: azizi johari.
art direction: frank mulvey.


leon ware had written the single “i want you” for a demo recording to score t-boy ross a recording contract with motown. berry gordy heard it and told ware he had to have the song for marvin gaye's next single.

he took it to gaye, who also loved it. later, as ware finished the tracks and orchestrations for his own upcoming album, he was playing it back for friends at gaye’s home when marvin came out of a bedroom to inquire about what it was.

he asked for - and received - all the tracks from ware for the legendary i want you album. this left ware no choice but to compose an entirely new set of songs for his own record; the result is musical massage. (it should be noted that, according to ware, gordy, gaye, and others felt he should also give this album away as a follow-up to i want you, but ware refused.)

(thom jurek)

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Sometimes you gotta let the funk flow and let your soul glow.