Fragments of western culture that I never want to experience again

1. Faded silver age comic book art- There’s nothing special about production line, rushed, freelance sketching of men from various angles

2. Funk music - It’s not soul, it’s not r&b, and when not performed live there’s not a single interesting feature. Often used as a shibboleth for members of a certain east coast nerd culture around the start of generation x.

3. The entire rock and roll idiom- It’s exhausted and needs a century long rest.

4. Old school “My name is Mike and I like to rap” hip hop- It interrupts my disco and proto house on intergalactic classix and causes me great distress

5.The Simpsons

6. Franz Schubert, Brahms, and Bach

7. Abstract expressionism- funded by the CIA via the Ford foundation to remove the representational and the very possibility of politics in art. Promoted the idea of art as the pure expression of artist’s subjectivity, burn it all.

This House Is Smoking
  • This House Is Smoking
  • B.T. EXPR3SS

Monday: Wide place you have here

There’s a trick, working like a charm, in this piece of B.T. EXPRESS, this distance, a gap between us and the saxophones, a remoteness that far from taking apart would define the space of a large echo, This House Is Smoking, a large room on fire, of which walls bounce layers of piano, guitars, and the clapping hands of a band registered in any Funk culture.

Let’s play.


Lundi : c’est grand chez toi

Y’a un subterfuge, qui fonctionne comme un charme, dans ce morceau de B.T. EXPRESS, cette distance, un espace entre nous et les saxophones, un éloignement qui loin de séparer, viens détourer l’espace d’un grand écho, This House Is Smoking, une grande salle, en feu, sur les murs de laquelle rebondissent les couches de piano, guitares, claps des mains du groupe signataire au registre de toute culture Funk.

Let’s play

model: azizi johari.
art direction: frank mulvey.


leon ware had written the single “i want you” for a demo recording to score t-boy ross a recording contract with motown. berry gordy heard it and told ware he had to have the song for marvin gaye's next single.

he took it to gaye, who also loved it. later, as ware finished the tracks and orchestrations for his own upcoming album, he was playing it back for friends at gaye’s home when marvin came out of a bedroom to inquire about what it was.

he asked for - and received - all the tracks from ware for the legendary i want you album. this left ware no choice but to compose an entirely new set of songs for his own record; the result is musical massage. (it should be noted that, according to ware, gordy, gaye, and others felt he should also give this album away as a follow-up to i want you, but ware refused.)

(thom jurek)

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What You Won’t Do For Love - Bobby Caldwell

Sometimes you gotta let the funk flow and let your soul glow.