fun fact: March 2012 JYJ performed for the First Ladies of the World at the Blue House. First Ladies from Gabon, Nigeria, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, India, Indonesia, China, Chile, The Philippines, countries in the United Nations, the European Union and more. On another occasion, JYJ also met the President of South Korea and Turkey. L(・o・)」

Just finished this very fun tattoo commission and thought I would share it! Did you know octopuses have magical properties? They do, I read it on the Internet so it must be true. #funfact #octopus #magic

I’m a big fan of exploring abandoned and forgotten places. A lot of the songs I write are actually inspired by houses like this one near my hometown in central New Jersey! —Brian

Fun Fact:

The seemingly random word-vomit that people with an attention deficit spew are not random at all.

BIKE: From ADHD to bike, he was probably thinking about how he should exercise more to focus, but then decided that he wanted to talk about how cool his bike was, so he mentioned it.

SKY: Then, while mentioning it, he was probably imagining himself riding his bike on a nice sunny day, when the sky was blue, and thought it might be fun to tell you what he knows about why the sky appears blue.

PIE: Between blue and pie there might have been a thought about how his grandma taught him when he was a kid why the sky looks blue. She might have been fantastic at making pie, and that might be why he enjoys pie so much as an adult.

BIRD: Clearly, a bird flew by, and it needed to be mentioned.

NANA: Then, we were back to grandma, who probably baked pie in China because it was her specialty. That might have been a fun story for him to share with you, as well.

SKATEBOARD: While saying the word China, he was probably reminded about the time when he crashed his skateboard and broke his arm while his grandma was away.He must have missed the way she took care of him when he was sick, which made losing his favorite skateboard and breaking his arm that much more awful. But at least now he has a waay cooler skateboard, which he felt obliged to mention.

Then, while saying the word skateboard, he probably realized that he had left you out of about 80% of the conversation, and awkwardly said “hi” just to let you know that he was back on planet earth again; his unbridled brain had taken over there for a minute. (Which had felt like about three hours.) 

See? It all made sense to him!

Jitters Hates Bears
  • Jitters:I'm weird and don;t like bears
  • Jitters:I hate teddy bears
  • Jitters:and I dont get why people think bears are cute
  • Felipe:why?
  • Jitters:I dunno
  • Jitters:I just find bears to be really ugly :U
  • Crafty:I am entirely wide awake. Bear cubs can be adorable.
  • Jitters:ohai
  • Crafty:Little fuzzballs.
  • Felipe:specially pandas
  • Jitters:but then
  • Jitters:baby bears are assholes
  • Jitters:cuz they always come in and play with people n shit in the movies
  • Jitters:and fuck them over with mama bear
  • Jitters:because they're whiny little asshats
  • Jitters:fuck bears >:U
  • Felipe:XD
  • Crafty:weeeehhhh
  • Felipe:I think we run out of sequels to cover
  • Jitters:also pandas are evolutionary dishits
  • Jitters:they are biologically built to eat meat but they don't fucking eat meat
  • Crafty:pandas suck at survival
  • Jitters:and then when they have babies they can only care for one because their lack of nutrition doesn't give them enough milk for 2 babies
  • Jitters:fucking idiots.
  • Felipe:that's why you don't say no to panda
  • Jitters:I'm amused at my own ranting about bears
  • Jitters:but no seriously bears are always assholes in all the movies
  • Jitters:always
  • Jitters:homeward bound, the incredible journey (same movie but older), fox and the hound
  • Jitters:whenever a baby bear shows up in a movie everyone goes
  • Jitters:oooh shit where's the mom
  • Jitters:ooooh shit you fucked up now
  • Crafty:wwweeeeeeeeeehhh
  • Jitters:meanwhile I can make accurate baby bear noises for some reason
  • Crafty:...
  • Crafty:I wanna hear that
  • Jitters:possibly to protect myself from mama bears
  • Jitters:brb
  • Jitters:recording
  • Crafty:eeeeheehehehehehehe
  • Jitters:
  • Jitters:yeah I can fucking sound like a baby bear wanna fight about it
  • Crafty:oh my god
  • Crafty:wwweeeehhhhhh
  • Jitters:GROOOOOO
  • Jitters:GROOUH
  • Jitters:....
  • Jitters:I'm trying to remember when I even learned to make baby bear noises
  • Jitters:wtf
  • Felipe:like
  • Crafty:baby beaaaarrrr
  • Felipe:you hate bears
  • Felipe:why learn it?
  • Jitters:I swear it was to defend myself in case of bear emergency
  • Jitters:my dad used to always scare me and tell me bears were gonna get me
  • Jitters:whenever we were near any forested areas
  • Jitters:and he lived in a forested area
  • Jitters:and one time I had to poop really bad and he pulled by the woods and was like GO BUT DONT LET THE BEARS EAT YOU THEY CAN SMELL IT
  • Jitters:and then i coudln't poop
  • Crafty:That's kinda really fucked up
  • Jitters:fffuuuucking bears DX
  • Jitters:WHO WAS LIKE
  • Felipe:with that, how are you to love bears...
  • Jitters:and then it fucking ate him
  • Jitters:the fucking bear ate him and his girlfriend
  • Jitters:hhhh bears