I may or may not

Have obtained a $20 gift certificate to put in our “lover’s basket” for the Valentine’s fundraiser/graduation party fundraiser from my favorite sex shop.

1) I’ve never sent an email to a place asking for free things and had them be granted just about instantly

2) the shop is super cool. It’s run by a woman, sells gender expression items, caters to a wide variety of sexualities, and is the only place I refer women who need kegel balls or suchlike.

We’re going to put it in with a small bottle of champagne, a coupon for a couples soak, and artisan chocolates.


Donating Differently is a philanthropy project for photographers and creatives alike.  The aim is to tie two seemingly unrelated things, charity and photography, into one and bring exclusive prints to you. Photographers will submit their work and sponsor a charity, where 100% of the proceeds will go to.  These prints will be released in an extremely limited number, and you can own them!

Check this project out at donatingdifferently.com

And follow them on social media at:




My name is Sydney, I'm 17, and I'm starting a non-profit organization.

Long story short, I’m starting a FREE creative arts program for teenagers in Atlanta with behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse issues. My organization, The W.R.I.T.E Spot, is going to host monthly workshops led by other Atlanta teenagers that are pros at what they do and are passionate about connecting with others. 

At the workshops, the participants can attend breakout sessions about Creative Writing (poetry, fiction, song-writing), Drawing/ Painting, and Photography. I’m working on getting some local adults involved in leading the sessions, too! I just sent out promotional flyers yesterday and I’ve already got 14 kids signed up! Most of them are in foster care, DFCS custody, or transitional housing… so they’re really excited about this. We’re supposed to host the first workshop in February.  But, I need to raise $6,000 to pay for the art supplies for the workshops and legal fees to become an official non-profit organization.

If you can donate anything at all, I’d be really grateful!! Please reblog this to spread the word! Thank you in advance! There’s a much more detailed story (and pictures!) on my fundraising page, right here

So I’m perilously close to running out of some basic makeup and cosmetic supplies that I need to function without dysphoria. I also have like no money at all to spare on them.

I’m going to make a wishlist for these items and if anyone can help a young Non binary queer out it’d be super appreciated

Please if you can single boost this x

My Paypal email is joseph.kelly12@googlemail.com


Every year the Bisexual Resource Center interacts with hundreds of people both in Boston and across the country who are looking for support and resources on bisexuality. Above are just a few of the many questions and comments we hear through our emails, phone line, and support groups. The BRC knows that each phone call we answer, each email we respond to, and each support group we sponsor or facilitate is a lifeline for someone who is trying to find a safe space and compassionate information to deal with their feelings of isolation, rejection, and depression.

Over the past two decades, the BRC has hosted BLiSS —- Bisexual Social and Support Group —- on a monthly basis to the local bi community. This peer-facilitated group provides a safe space for discussions about attraction, sexuality, relationships, gender identity, coming out, biphobia, and other topics and personal experiences related to bisexuality. Additionally, over the past couple years, the BRC has launched Young BLiSS for those in their 20s and early 30s. Approximately 6-10 people attend each of these groups every month.

We are also affiliated with the following groups and organizations:

A donation to the BRC will help us continue facilitating our support groups in Boston, answering phone calls and emails from bisexual and bi-curious people across the United States, and pinpointing ways to expand our support groups outside of Boston.


In December of 2014, Bocker the Labradoodle was diagnosed with lymphoma. Having only a few months months to live without treatment, his only handler and living companion, Marie Shelto, is currently paying off the treatment for his illness out of pocket and could use assistance.

Having appeared in films, TV shows for notable companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, AT&T, Target and Chase Bank, he has also served as a therapy dog, a reading dog for children and has done community service work in his own way.

The pictures above showcase Bocker in action as a therapy dog comforting children traumatized by the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, elsewhere and receiving chemo therapy.

Having helped so many in his years of life, Bocker could now use your support.

Help fund his treatment here.

If you are unable to donate, please help spread the word!


Click here to GoFundMe the Urgent 3 Bird Rescue!

These three birbs are in desperate need of a loving home. Their current owner has not only been keeping them this way for who knows how long, but is completely dispassionate to my concern about them. I hope to purchase the birds (120$CAD) and their supplies (590$CAD) and pay all fees with this GoFundMe. It’s definitely asking a lot, so if anyone in the Eastern Ontario area sees this and can help out by adopting them directly, let me know. I just want these birbs to know what it is to be cared for!


Oh my goodness. The boosts this post has got are incredible to me. I’d like to thank AvianAwareness/No Feather Left Behind for a kind donation and a platform from which this post can reach other bird lovers. There have been some changes to the fundraiser since the initial post (Reduction of cost mostly) but at this point I would be happy to raise enough money to get the birds out of their current home and give them to a rescue without charge. Their current owner requested the selling fee to a local rescue I referred to him, but they are unable to pay extra to rescue these poor birds as they’re already quite strapped themselves.

If every person who has so far shared this donated 1.30$, I would be able to purchase the birds and donate them and any extra to the rescue in question. If every person who has so far shared donated 3.60$, I would be able to purchase and house the birds for the rest of their natural lives.

Together we CAN make a difference for these little guys.


We’re delighted to announce that one of the Foundation’s Board Members has generously offered to match one-for-one any donation to National Readathon Day up to $50,000!

We’re halfway there, but we need your help to get the full benefit of this matching gift.

Donations support our education programs like BookUp, and fundraisers receive exclusive rewards including tote bags and tickets to the 2015 National Book Awards.

Please join the Readathon and create a fundraising page today.

(If fundraising isn’t your thing, please donate here.)

As you all know - we love sunglasses. We’ve been lucky enough to be gifted A LOT of them this past year from some of our favourite sunglass companies. In addition to those gifts, we also find ourselves purchasing new ones on tour. And at home. And online. :)

The sunglasses have started to pile up.

So, rather than shamefully hiding the excess under our beds, we have decided to put them to better use. In honour of the holidays and the act of giving we are going to do our own T+S version of the 12 days of Christmas and auction off 12 pairs of our sunglasses with all proceeds going to the Southern Law Poverty Center. Starting TODAY!

For the next 12 days - please go here to participate in Tegan and Sara’s 12 days of Shades.

Tegan xo

I'm actually close to tears right now - PLEASE READ

As of next year, the Australian Government is only going to give my boyfriend James $105.56 a fortnight to survive on. That’s not even enough for petrol for his car. He is a jobseeker in Geelong (which has one of the highest unemployment and homeless rates in Australia) and he hands out ATLEAST 10 resumes a fortnight with no response. He can’t even afford to study to be a paramedic, which is his dream job. His parents are getting tired of him not being able to find employment, and they don’t help him out financially. I’m really worried about his health and wellbeing (being his girlfriend and all) but I’m young and can’t help him out because I currently don’t have a job due to recovering from depression.
PLEASE, if you have any spare money, send it to jameshay72@yahoo.com.au on PayPal. If you can’t help out, please Reblog to spread the message.


Do you Duomo?

The International Patrons of Duomo di Milano Inc., in partnership with Eataly, certainly hopes so. In another example of creative ways to save Italian cultural patrimony (see Santa Croce Florence’s Kickstarter Campaign or Bulgari’s sponsorship of Rome’s Spanish Steps), aims to raise $45,000 by 22 December 2014 as part of a broader campaign to restore the Cathedral, or Duomo, of Milan, founded in 1386 and a rare example of Gothic architecture in Italy.

They have a long way to go, so, do you Duomo?

Milan Cathedral

Foundation Date

Stonework, photo Eduardo Manchon

Inside the Cathedral in Milan, Italy. Picture by Giovanni Dall’Orto, January 28 2007.

Kara showed up to my house like she always does: in a blur of fur and perfume and absolutely flawless beauty even though she prefaced her visit by saying she looks like a zombie with a hangover.

She has a Christmas surprise for me, she says, and after Ralphie does his customary flirting with her, she hands me a small envelope.

The money is from her family — her entire family — their way of honoring a loved one they’ve lost to cancer is to pick one cancer family each Christmas to support.

This year, we’re that family.

There is so much love in this one little check that I keep it around even though it’s already been deposited. 

It reminds me that I want to be this kind of love for people I don’t know. I want to be a little check full of love from a stranger (or, you know, an online donation full of love).

My goal for 2015: support at least one new person every month, and give their family a piece of the love mine received for the past three years.

Here’s where I started:

Kelsey is 23 and has brain cancer. Can I get a fuckkkkk no? And a little money to help her out?

Teresa died of brain and lung cancer just 8 weeks after her diagnosis, on the same day as Aaron’s funeral/our wedding anniversary. That’s a sign, right? 

Ugh Cancer. LEAVE TERRY ALONE. Terry has five kids, and reading this just made me think of my dad going through cancer. SO MANY FEELINGS.

Sweet Baby Olive was born on December 13th, suffered brain damage and is in hospice care. Oh, my heart.

*You may notice that both of these are YouCaring fundraisers. It’s the same platform my sister used for our fundraiser, and a great organization. They survive on donations, and take $0 from those who are being fundraised for. If you or your family need a fundraiser, I recommend this to the highest degree.


i finally have some time to breathe so i’m opening commissions to help pay for my tuition here at sheridan! i can draw animals and people and fandoms (just ask to confirm) - for the full-body chart the first price is animals and the second is for humans. i’ll open full-out illustrations with elaborate backgrounds etc in summer but this time around i just want to be efficient!

ALSO i’m not sure how many i’ll be taking as it depends on interest, but i’ll keep this post updated! thank you in advance even just for sharing;; you’re all cool bananas

GoFundMe for Broken Rainbow, an LGBT domestic violence charity.

This is a UK domestic violence charity that is facing a severe funding shortage as their Home Office has declined to state whether the funding will be continued for another year.

Broken Rainbow main page

Domestic violence resources specific to LGBT people are essential because there are specific features of same-sex domestic violence (or domestic violence against / by and between trans people, etc) that are often not addressed sufficiently by general dv organizations.

This link is from an American organization, but it mentions some of the challenges to dealing with LGBT domestic violence: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/lgbt/news/2011/06/14/9850/domestic-violence-in-the-lgbt-community/

Anyway, if you have a some extra money to drop in their fund, please do. If you’re like me and don’t, signal boost.

"For our funding not to be renewed or replaced will result in the helpline being closed down." reported Wendy Wilde, the Service Delivery Manager "We’ve supported over five thousand people this year and if we were to close there are very few other services for them to go to and not one that offers national support in the way we do."


Sat. 24th - Sun. 25th at 8 am.

List of games I’m going to be playing during the livestream and estimated time of completion are here.

I am going to be holding a 24 hour livestream event to kick off my fundraising efforts to move the heckie out of my parents home. Currently I do have a place to stay far away from my family (my datefriend’s house) but I need money to not only travel but pack and ship most of my things over to the new place I’m moving in.

I sadly only have the money I make from YouTube (which is roughly around $20 per month) and Patreon (roughly 25) which isn’t enough. I’d ask my parents but they refuse to help pay. I need 1,500 hopefuly by summer to move as soon as possible. Living here is seriously detrimental to my mental health and the sooner I leave this place the better.

I do not expect to make much money during the livestream but I do hope to continue to raise and ask for help until I can reach my goal and move. Now I want to point out before I start to list all the places where you can donate to that you can still help me without spending a penny. 

Here are some things that are just as incredibly useful as a 100 dollar bill. For example:

  • You can reblog this post (as many times as you are willing to)
  • You can watch, like, and favorite my videos (as many as you can)
  • Share my videos around to friends, familys, eggs??
  • Come out to Twitch streams or promo them
  • Spread the word about me as best as you know how (twitter, twitch, facebook posts, etc)
  • fanart (i love me some fanart)
  • Nice messages of support (these mean the world to me and honestly probably the best part about doing what I do on YouTube.)

Places you can donate to:

  • Patreon
  • Paypal
  • Donate Here while I’m livestreaming to see your name pop up in stream and even send a little message my way.

TL;DR - So I need your help to raise money to move out of my parents house. I’m holding a 24-hour livestream event to kick off fundraising. Looking at the total amount for plane tickets and shipping; it will be roughly around $1,500. All of my contact info are in my tumblr blog.