Hello! My name is Kierren and I’m a pre everything trans boy. I love writing, reading, anime, flowers (and gardening in general), drag, and my friends. I am currently working on raising money for my top surgery that I’ll get in a hopefully a couple or few more years (there’s a link in my blog description), and I’m also helping donate and sell clothes for fairly cheap to trans individuals within the community. I swear I’m friendly and would love for others to just talk to me for whatever reasons!

did u hear about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition??? are you looking for a way to help out other folks seeking to transition??? donate to my brothers top surgery fund!!!! its an expensive procedure, and every lil bit helps! if you can’t spare any money right now, share and maybe ur friends can donate!!! its quick, its easy, and it would be very nice!



You may or may not know me; my name is Devon Sweet (usually IceOfWaterflock online), and I’m a 17-year-old afab genderfluid demipansexual mentally ill otherkin. That’s quite the list of titles, huh? I’m sure that a handful of you read that and had something along the lines of ‘special snowflake’ crossing your mind. Well, truth is, admitting I am any one of those things can get me harassed (and special snowflake is not the worst insult among them).

The fact I can’t be who I am without fear is bad enough, but I’m lucky enough to have the long straw. I can afford to present the way I identify. I’m not going to be killed for my skin color or for my religion. It’s terrifying to me that I am considered safe just because I only get suicide baiting. 

So I created Briar Nexus. A project two years in the making, the Nexus is a social network devoted to keeping people like me - people like us - safe. It has custom-input information boxes for things like gender and sexuality, and 209+ pronouns to choose from to ensure you aren’t misgendered. If you want to talk with other people about your experiences, you can, and if not, you can collect virtual pets.

I can’t fund it on my own, though, which is why I’m making this post. The server space is close to $400 a month, and the base coding license is $600. I don’t want to ask for too much, but this is something that could make a huge difference for a lot of people.

If you want to donate, you can do so here. If you want to read more or ask questions, you can check the official blog here. Every reblog and donation helps. 

Initially, we’d decided not to do an auction this year. Instead, we were going to use Indiegogo’s perk function to deliver offerings to people. However, due to Indiegogo’s Ameri-centric guidelines concerning non-profits (they only accept US registration numbers and our cause is registered in the UK) and my insistence that money not come through my or any of my mods’ personal accounts, we’ll be using JustGiving as we did the previous two years. This means that we’ll be doing the auction instead of having donation perks, but the auction will have a twist. 

Whereas before we had traditional bidding, with the highest bidder winning the item upon the auction’s closing, this year, we’ll also have a BUY NOW option.  So if there’s something you see that you want to claim for yourself without competition, donate the BUY NOW amount to the donation page with a note in the memo that you’re claiming said prize. Once the donation has been confirmed, we’ll remove the item from the auction and mark it as claimed by you. 

If an item is not claimed via the BUY NOW option, the highest bidder at the end of the auction will win it after their donation has been made.

The Big 24′s third annual auction will open on July 4th at 12pm EDT and will remain open until the close of the show on the 12th. All successful bidders will have 48 hours to donate their bids and claim their prize.

For more information, visit the auction masterpost and, as always, if you’ve any questions, feel free to contact us via our inbox or via email at fandomhelpmod@gmail.com.


so my boyfriend christian ( exohplanet ) got in a terrible car crash in February and had to spend $3,500 on a new car. he moved out of a bad living situation afterwards and went a month without a job. 

he’s afraid that at this rate, he’ll never be able to pay for his transition. he really deserves so much and is in need of donations.

please donate here

thank you and please signal boost!


My name is Tony and I’m a 19 year old transgender male from Philadelphia, PA. I was set to have my top surgery on April 22nd 2015, but at the very last minute I was informed by my insurance company that I would not be receiving a reimbursement from them. Therefore, aside from the money I have already raised for my surgery, I have to raise 1500 more to cover the remainder of my surgical fees. My surgery is now set for this July and I need to raise the money before the first of July. 

I’ve set up a “GoFundMe” as well as a T-Shirt fundraiser. When you buy a T-Shirt for $15, that money goes directly towards my surgery fund AND you get an awesome T-Shirt designed by me in return. Please help me out if you can and also spread the word about my fundraisers! It would be greatly appreciated.

GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/tonyclarksurgery

T-Shirt Fundraiser: https://www.booster.com/tonysurgeryfund

Help Support a Disabled Native Person

Hi there tumblr, I’m Rose and I’m in a bit of a situation at the moment. I’m diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Major Depressive Disorder, Complex Trauma PTSD, and Social Anxiety Disorder. I’m currently waiting on an appeal from SSI(who has been dicking around on my case for almost a year) and I’m currently completely unable to work. My illnesses often leave me in too much pain to even take care of myself and I’m often unable to leave the house for weeks. I’m being supported by my sister but the reality is is I’m about $2,000 behind on rent and I’m lacking in a lot of necessities. Please, I’m asking for donations to my paypal rosachnid@gmail.com(donate button on my blog too) or to signal boost. I hope you all have a nice day

Update: my housing situation is looking really grim, and it looks like I have to move out of Oregon entirely just to stay indoors. This means I will no longer have access to food stamps in the near future, which means I am even more reliant on donations now.

Please, anything you can give will keep me fed and keep me indoors while I try to heal from this ordeal and find some way to take better care of myself. Share the link, reblog, and tell anyone you think might have something to spare. <3

help a disabled & mentally ill nb trans woman survive

hi tumblr. how are you? good? cool. sorry to do this, but i could use some help.

so, i lost my job at the beginning of may, and unfortunately i haven’t been able to get any work since then. my last paycheck was spent on rent, my portions of house bills, and my phone bill — i.e. all things that i absolutely had to pay — and now it’s dried up. on top of this, i have been experiencing a major flare up with my physical and mental health issues, making it hard for me to do basic things like move around and take care of myself.

basically, i can’t afford to exist. i realize many of us are in this situation. however, i don’t really have anywhere else to turn. my family largely denies my existence and blames me for my (esp mental) health issues – mainly because i’ve made things needlessly hard on myself by “choosing” to be trans. as of yet, i’ve been unsuccessful in drumming up freelance or regular work. rent is due soon. bills are due soon. i’m not really sure what else to do at the moment.

i need about $500 total to keep all my shit moving. if capitalism affords you the ability to do so, would you please donate a bit to me? you can do so by clicking here or else by sending money to zareensuxx@gmail.com. anything is appreciated and helpful. if you aren’t able to do that, signal boosting is amazingly helpful also. i will probably be reblogging this regularly as well.

thanks so much everyone.

best wishes,



Here’s the link! Unless you order the sweater, the shirts are only $22.99 (not including shipping). The shirt can be shipped worldwide and PayPal is an accepted form of payment. 

Their goal is to sell 500 and they’ve sold 119 so far! You have 14 days left to support Keegan’s favourite charity RaceToEraseMS


http://www.gofundme.com/vzuu6e6 My mothers cat baby JD went missing a couple weeks ago leaving my mom distraught. Shes been through so much lately and this little dingus has brought her nothing but joy and hope in a time thats been most unforgiving. She’s been endlessly searching for him with missing posters and visiting/calling all the shelters in the surrounding area, until this morning she got a call from someone who had found him in a bush seeming as though he’d been hit by a car. He’s left with a broken pelvis among some many other minor injuries but the surgery to fix him is way out our price range. My mother having just survived her own life threatening situation i would be devistated to see her baby boy, her best friend die before he even reaches a year old.
so please help out with even just a share.

pocket change, kind words, shares and support is all we ask. Thank you so much for your time.


I’m reposting this fundraiser as my mom found my other one and made me delete it. This is for both hormones and helping me move out. Please spare any amount you can!

help really needed!

hey guys! as you may know, i had to drop out of college and move in with my sibling a month or so ago. bad news is, i’m being rejected a lot of jobs now that i’m out as transgender and presenting masculine. because of this, i haven’t been able to do laundry, buy toiletries, get work clothes, or even sleep anywhere but the floor. so, i set up a donation where you can get rewards depending on how much you donate!!

please reblog and donate if you can!! i appreciate every last dollar!! thank you so much!!


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We are happy to announce that Briar Nexus’s second fundraising campaign is now live!

Briar Nexus is a site aiming to creating a safe and welcoming place for people of all ages, genders, sexualities, religions, races and lifestyles to enjoy. The Nexus will not have ads, but this means it needs your help!

Read more and donate here, or keep up with our development by following our Tumblr blog, Facebook page, or Twitter page! And remember, the only way we can get online is by spreading the word - reblogs, shares and retweets are a whole lot of help! Any questions or concerns can be directed to our Tumblr ask or to briarnexus@gmail.com !


Hello! this is my cousin Rhyan, and he is trying to raise money for his reassignment surgery! I am so proud of him for being true to himself and doing what he can to reach his goal. Rhyan has always been a boy in my eyes, and i want him to be able to feel like one too. I know this is what will truly make him happy and I want to help and be supportive as much as I can, so if you can donate please do and if not please spread the word! thank you so much to everyone that donates! 

this is the link to his FundRazr

I love you Rhyan and I will be here for you as much as I can along the way! 


A project has been organized for Daniel’s 26th birthday, which is on July 23, in order to raise money online for the Trevor Project. Daniel has been involved with the Trevor Project since 2009, appearing in public service announcements for the group’s prevention hotline and speaking out in support of LGBT youth. Radcliffe has called his work with the Trevor Project “one of the most important, if not the most important, thing that I’m associated with.” He has proven his commitment repeatedly over the past years. In 2011, Daniel took a break from his successful turn in Broadway’s “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” and the press tour for the final Harry Potter film to accept the Trevor Project’s Hero Award, which recognizes individuals who serve as an inspiration to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. You can see his wonderful and inspiring acceptance speech right here. “The fact that I’m able to help with something like this makes me very, very proud,” Radcliffe told MTV News at the event. “It’s a huge honor, and it’s lovely of them to give it to me. I’ll say it again later, but the real heroes are the people who are staffing those call centers and picking up the phones saving lives every single day. It’s incredibly important because all over the country there are many young people who are going through incredibly difficult times coming out or accepting who they are or coming to terms with who they are. And it’s wonderful that compassionate, brave people work at the Trevor Project and are ready to take calls 24 hours a day to help those people.”

Now that all that has been said, if you want to participate in this surprise for Daniel but also for all the people who work hard every day for the Trevor Project, make a donation here. Give what you can, each dollar is important and can make a difference. Don’t forget to leave a birthday message for Daniel when you make your donation, he will read them the day of his birthday. Spread the world please. Thank you!