Hi there! I’m Daniel, I’m 16 years old, I live in Newfoundland, Canada, and I’m raising money for my much needed top surgery that I hope to obtain this summer.

saying that I’m trans is really hard for me, but it needs to be done in order for me to get money for this surgery. I need this surgery. my life really depends on it at this point. so, I don’t really care - I just want to be happy and comfortable in my body, and posting this here will bring me one step closer to that.

i have everything there in the campaign description but I figure ill say some different stuff here, like, mental stuff

I have extremely bad body dysphoria, I’m suicidal, i have borderline personality disorder and I am depressed. the most crucial are the fact that I am suicidal, impulsive, self destructive and with my dysphoria playing a huge part sometimes I truly don’t know if ill even make it to this summer. My dysphoria is suffocating and I feel like I’m drowning, I am absolutely miserable but the idea of this surgery happening soon is making me beam behind my computer because It’s all I’ve been thinking about lately honestly

i NEED this surgery, i need to be closer to the man i am, and the only way for this to happen is for me to put this everywhere I can and ask everyone I can because I am desperate for this. 

I don’t really have many examples of my art, but there’s some in my art tag

If you donate money and want me to draw you something I will draw you ANYTHING YOU WANT just nothing triggering to me, please!! Anything, as many characters as you please even if you only donated a buck

It would mean the WORLD to me if you could share this around, tell everyone I don’t CARE where you put this I NEED it out there. Show it to your teacher, show it to your friends, anything, please, just help me. please just reblog this. thank you so much. 

Have a amazing day

(I also have a paypal if you would rather donate there)

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Please help me study abroad!

Hi everyone!

I’m currently trying to raise enough money to cover an unexpected $300 study abroad “processing fee” which I was not forewarned about, and now cannot afford. If I don’t pay this amount by the beginning of October, my application will be tossed out, and all of my efforts over the past semester will have been for nothing. If any of you would care to donate to my cause, I would so appreciate it. 

The GoFundMe page is here! But if you can’t afford to donate (which I completely understand!), please reblog and share this with whoever you can. 

Thank you! 

Activate your love & your rage and support the efforts in Ferguson in a tangible way. Poet & educator Britteney Conner, playwright Kristiana Colón, and activist & journalist Ferrari Sheppard are organizing efforts to supply people on the ground in Ferguson with gas masks and water bottles over the coming days. The gas masks will be for children, elderly, protesters, and whoever is in need. We will be taking two separate trips. Please message privately if you’re interested in specific departure times. We intend to purchase at least 100 gas masks and water bottles and coordinate with protesters and organizers in Ferguson for peaceful and supportive distribution to those who need it most. Stand united with those whose voices are being silenced & contribute to intentional and loving resistance. 

$3000 will cover gas masks, water bottles, & the cost of gas to and from Ferguson. 


It has been brought to our attention that the practicality and necessity of that many gas masks might be pushing it. People on the ground that we have been in talks with and articles coming out have made a push to get food and water brought in. Currently students are not being fed because of school closings and food pantries are running empty. We still intend to purchase a few quality gas masks and other items for eye protection, but we are refocusing our energy on feeding and hydrating people of and in Ferguson. We want to use your donations as wisely as possible while still remaining transparent about our actions. Thank you.

Hi there,

Like many people these days, we have pets. We live and grow with our pets and share tight emotional bonds with them. Some become our best friends, our only hope, our anti-depressants. This exact thing happened for my sister and her cat, Tipsy. 

We adopted Tipsy out from under a trailer. A stray had given birth to several tabbies, and our parents allowed the bunch of us kids to select a cat to take home. We took an instant liking to two in particular, and ended up walking away with Tipsy.

Tipsy has a kind heart. Although she hates to be picked up, she loves to snuggle. She is gentle, she is loving, and she never forgets to give you kisses. My sister has become especially attached to this cat in particular, who has lived with her for a majority of her 14 years. 

Yesterday we woke to find Tipsy in a puddle of her own urine. We bathed her, but she vommited and thus we knew she needed immediate attention at the vet clinic. 

She stayed for the evening at the vet on IV’s and was allowed to spend the night with my sister. My sister spent the whole evening trying her hardest to care for Tipsy, who had perked up from her lethargic state but was extremely exhausted. 

This morning we took her back as directed, and we met with unfortunate news. Tipsy has a kidney infection, and some sort of infection in her urine. 

Vet care is not cheap, though, and the cost is quickly rising. As they often are, funds are extremely tight and now we are in a bit of a pickle as to how we are going to cover these bills. 

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. We will keep you all updated on how Tipsy is doing, including more photos when she isn’t locked in place by several cables. Thank you so much for any time and consideration. All of us, including our furry family, greatly appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day.






30+ DOLLARS- oh my..oh my go

50+ Dollars -Take me Senpai

100+ Dollars- I will kiss you

500+ Dollars-I will kiss,hug,draw you a mural

1000+ Dollars -IS MARRIAGE A OPTION!????

Whatever you do all is super appreciate and I Thank and love you all <3