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Why You Can’t Talk About The Amtrak Derailment Without Talking About Our Infrastructure Crisis

At least six people have died and more than 140 people are injured in the wake of the deadliest Amtrak derailment in recent history. Amtrak Northeast Regional Train 188 rolled off the tracks while rounding a bend near Philadelphia, according to NBC Philadelphia, while carrying 238 passengers and five crew members. As officials sort through the wreckage and try to determine the cause of the tragedy, the Northeast Corridor — Amtrak’s busiest and most profitable route between Boston and Washington — will be shut down for an indeterminate amount of time.


Less than 2 percent of all Ebola donations went to front-line medical staff in Sierra Leone. 

Under cover of darkness, a few burial workers pried opened the hospital morgue’s steel doors and stole three corpses. They carried the bodies to the hospital’s front gates and tossed them beside the road that bisects downtown Kenema, the third largest city in Sierra Leone.

As the sun rose, a crowd gathered around the bodies. No one admitted to dumping them, but members of the hospital’s burial team, the 23 men tasked with carrying and cleaning Ebola-infected corpses, told local journalists the cadavers were a form of protest. The workers had not received the $115 weekly in “hazard pay” they had been promised for nearly two months by supervisors, the government and donors. And they were not alone. All over the country, hundreds—if not thousands—of doctors, nurses, hospital cleaners, lab technicians and burial workers had been unpaid or underpaid, and many still are.

That silent protest took place on November 25, 2014, while hospitals throughout the country were collapsing under the weight of the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history. The men and women on the front lines, risking their lives to save the dying and protect the healthy from infection, had begun to feel duped. Millions of dollars flowed into Sierra Leone from all over the world to help tackle the crisis, but the workers’ pleas to be paid were ignored.


Technically, there is no such thing as the Texas film incentive program. It’s actually the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program, and it includes film, TV, educational videos, commercials, and gaming. That mixture, originally intended to make the program more robust, may now be its downfall, as the new state budget cuts the fund to a third of its current spending.

House Bill 1 appropriates only $32 million for the program for the 2016-17 biennium, a fraction of the $95 million currently in the kitty. That’s also dramatically less than the $70 million Abbott had asked for, or the $60 million the House was suggesting. It’s still up from the Senate proposal of zero dollars and zero cents, but it’s still devastating news for Texas professionals, dependent on the jobs the program brought in.

The new low figure came too late for public protests to have any impact in the regular session, which is scheduled to end on June 1. However, there is already a petition, asking Abbott to bring lawmakers back for a special session to fill the hole they have created.

Sadly, to call this a long shot is to rate its chances higher than they deserve. As a first term governor, Abbott is unlikely to want to bring lawmakers back from their Summer vacation over anything short of a constitutional crisis. However, it’s clear that gutting the program has sparked a wildfire of concerns among the state’s creative industries.


MOS architectsLali Gurans- Community Center 2.  Kathmandu, Nepal, Under Construction. photos,renderings : Sagar Chitraka/ MOS architects

Lali Gurans will be the world’s first seismic proof self-sustainable orphanage and full public library. The structure, located in the Nepali Himalayas, will not only impact the children and staff it houses, but the local community of 40,000 residents. Lali Guarans is nearing completion but has hit a wall in funding and resources. We have decided to engage in alternative solutions to help us finish the building and it’s systems. 

Soon we’ll be launching our campaign on Kickstarter with the design collective Citizens for Optimism and hand made pendants by the Love Found Organization.

The orphanage is providing a seismically-stable location with toilets, water and living area for local people who have been displaced from their homes after a powerful earthquake struck northwest of Kathmandu on Saturday April 25.

Lali Gurans has been awarded for it’s design and sustainability, including an AIA award in 2013 and a Holcim Foundation Award in 2014.



In short, Rob and I have a battery but would LOVE some solarpanels. We live off grid because we can’t afford to connect, so your support buying limited edition art dolls will really help us! Follow this link!

The rewards are generous, with FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING on all donations that qualify for rewards. I’ve also discounted everything! These are LIMITED EDITION colour schemes, so not only do you get something super collectible but also super adorable and it comes with a sense of goodness that you helped us in a time of need!


We have managed to buy ourselves a deep cycle leisure battery capable of running our satellite internet, charge our laptops, phones and play a radio, but now we need some way to charge it up again.

We have a small generator and a battery charger but batteries do best from being ‘trickle charged’, that is being charged a tiny bit over a long period of time. Our aspect faces south and we have a clear view of the sky and with solar panel technology the way it is now we can get a charge even on overcast days (of which we have a lot here in Scotland!)

Items we would need are:
2x 100W solar panels
a regulator (and charge controller that will keep our battery nice and happy) 
cables & materials for supports 

We already have the battery and inverter so we’re sort of half way there to off-grid-ness!

Generators are also not very economical or ecological, I don’t know the facts and figures but when I go outside and the generator is on it’s loud and it’s smelly and that must be bad. Solar panels are harvesting clean, green, renewable energy that’s got a big thumbs up from us!

Our poor Bow came down with what appears to be “Evan’s Disease” where his immune system has gone haywire and is attacking itself.  He is in Puppy-ICU at the moment, and fighting for his life.  He has had and may require more blood transfusions, long term steroids, and immunosuppressive medication…

Alright guys, serious time here. One of our dogs, Bow, has fallen seriously ill and has been admitted to an animal hospital far away from the house. He’s been diagnosed with Evan’s disease where his immune system has been attacking itself, so he will require blood transfusions, long term steroids, and immunosuppressive drugs. The cost of saving our 4-legged family member is very pricey so this gofundme has been started to help maintain Bow’s health.

Bow is our 8 year old golden retriever. He is a big sweetheart and still an energetic puppy given his age. He is a big ball of fur who loves anyone and everyone he meets. The veterinarians who have been overseeing his health compliment his tail wagging and positivity each time we get a call. He has a 12 year old sister named Holly and a bearded dragon friend named Rikki, who both miss him dearly. 

Please reblog and share this, any and all donations are very much appreciated! Bow should have a lot more life ahead of him.


Đây là ông lão mới thoạt nhìn trông nghèo khó lại có vẻ keo kiệt. Nhưng việc ông làm lại khiến ông trở thành tấm gương cho Bill Gates và Warren Buffett. Cả hai người này đều chịu ảnh hưởng rất lớn từ ông. Ông năm nay 83 tuổi, hai vợ chồng ông ở trong căn hộ đi thuê ở thành phố San Francisco, Mỹ. Ông chưa từng mặc quần áo hàng hiệu, kính mắt rất cũ kỹ, đồng hồ đeo tay cũng không còn mốt. Ông không thích món ăn ngon, thích nhất là sữa hâm nóng và bánh sandwich cà chua. Ông không có ô tô riêng, ra ngoài thường đi bằng xe buýt, túi xách mà ông dùng để đi làm là túi vải. Nếu đến một quán uống bia, ông cẩn thận đối chiếu cái tính tiền; nếu bạn là khách ở nhà ông, trước khi ngủ ông ấy sẽ nhắc bạn nhớ tắt đèn để tiết kiệm điện.

Một ông già cẩn thận từng xu như thế, nhưng ông chính là người tặng cho đại học Cornell 950 triệu đô la, cho đại học California 125 triệu đô la, cho đại học Stanford 60 triệu đô la. Ông đã dành 1 tỷ đô la tài trợ cho chương trình cải tạo và xây mới các trường đại học ở Ireland, nơi tổ tiên ông đã từ đó ra đi để tới Mỹ tìm miền đất hứa. Ông thành lập quỹ từ thiện để phẫu thuật sứt môi cho trẻ em ở các nước đang phát triển. Ông cũng dành 350 triệu đô la Mỹ tài trợ cho các chương trình ở Việt Nam. Cho đến nay, ông đã cho 4 tỷ đô la, và từ nay đến năm 2016 ông đang chuẩn bị cho tiếp 4 tỷ nữa. Từ số tiền đang có, mỗi năm đã thu được lợi nhuận bằng khoảng hơn 400 triệu đô la làm dòng tiền chảy về các chương trình từ thiện trên thế giới. Ông là doanh nhân sáng lập ra tập đoàn kinh doanh hàng miễn thuế toàn cầu DFS. Keo kiệt với chính mình, hào phóng với mọi người, thích kiếm tiền lại không thích chi tiêu cho bản thân – ông là Chuck Feeney.

Ông đã nêu tấm gương cho những người giàu có: “Trong khi hưởng thụ phải chia sẻ giúp đỡ mọi người”. Ông kín tiếng về việc trong ba thập kỷ qua, ông đã đóng góp vào quỹ từ thiện đến 99% gia sản của mình. Ông không tiếp xúc với truyền thông để lăng xê mình hoặc sự nghiệp của ông. Ông hiếm khi trả lời phỏng vấn báo chí. Chỉ khi việc thiện của Chuck Feeney bị tiết lộ, rất nhiều phóng viên muốn tiếp xúc với ông, ai cũng muốn hỏi: Vì sao Chuck Feeney lại có thể dửng dưng với gia tài hàng tỷ đô la như thế?

Ông chỉ mỉm cười kể câu chuyện: “Một con sóc thấy bồ đào trong vườn, muốn vào trong ăn một chầu, nhưng giờ nó mập quá, không chui vào được. Thế là ba ngày ba đêm nó không ăn không uống để gầy đi, cuối cùng cũng chui vào được! Ăn no nê, cảm thấy thỏa mãn, nhưng khi nó muốn đi, lại không chui ra được. Bất đắc dĩ đành phải giở trò cũ, lại ba ngày ba đêm không ăn uống. Kết quả, lúc nó chui được ra, bụng vẫn thót lại như lúc chưa chui vào.”

Ông nói: “Ai cũng đều trần trụi khi chào đời và cũng trần trụi khi ra đi, không ai mang theo tài sản cả". Ông hóm hỉnh: “Vì chẳng có cái túi nào trong lớp vải bọc tấm thân khi người ta về cõi.”

FB Nguyễn Viết Thanh giới thiệu.

“Stanley Grange is a mixture of houses, flats and cottages nestled in the heart of rural Lancashire, yet only 4 miles from Preston and Blackburn, that has been a thriving community for adults with learning disabilities and complex needs for almost 40 years.  Over the past couple of years, the community has been threatened with closure and the residents (many of them long-term) have been living with the fear of losing their homes and their community; facing dispersal away from their friends and their chosen place to live. Last year the friends and families of people living at Stanley Grange persuaded the owner to put the estate and business on the market as a going concern, to enable the residents to continue living in community as they wished.”

If anyone can please please please chip in to this it would be really appreciated! My uncle lives at Stanley Grange and my mum has been working her arse off for the last couple of years along with family members of other people living there to keep this place open. We only have until the 15th of June to raise £30,000 so if you could donate even a little bit or signal boost this post it would be really great!

Hello everyone! We have an amazing project going, with @covertimemagazine. This is a magazine for women who are not represented throughout mainstream media. We need to represent ourselves, we shouldn’t wait any longer! Covertime is underway, and now live at Launch Good for its funding campaign- Insha'Allah! I would appreciate if this could be boosted and shared around. We want to make history and be a representation of ourselves. Support this cause and make a difference! Link below on Covertime and our campaign:

A High School Gaming Club Needs Your Help!

High School Gaming Club Needs Your Help! 

The wife is a high school ESE English and Reading teacher and she is the Club Sponsor (Self-styled Gaming Momma) for her high school’s Gaming Club.  What is this gaming club?  Well, here’s what she says:

“Gamers and geeks gather biweekly in my classroom for the most fun club on campus: Gaming Club! It’s like a mini-convention twice a week. Gaming Club is a school-sponsored club that does not charge dues to its members nor receive funding for materials from the school. We run entirely on generosity!Geeks, gamers, and nerds: that’s my Gaming Club members. 

They love Doctor Who, Adventure Time, and anime. They play Minecraft, MMOs, and Dungeons and Dragons. Some are honors students, some play sports, some have mental and emotional issues that interfere with socializing, some love theater, some have disabilities, some are popular, and some don’t seem to fit in anywhere else. Twice a week, they all come together to laugh, chat, compete, cooperate, and play. They’re gamers, an identity that will last their lifetimes.”

These kids come from all different backgrounds and many come from families below the poverty line. Her school is at the 65 percent level for free or reduced lunches.  Her club runs entirely off of donations and what money we can spare from our pay checks to keep it up and running with materials such as games, snacks and the like. 

So, what am I asking for?  Here’s the wife again:

“Thanks to a generous local donor, we have a Wii and a few games; I’ve had to spend my own money on batteries for the controllers. Rechargeable batteries and a charger will allow us to play less expensively and greener. Most members have not played games beyond video games or family board games; they are eager to play more involved table-top games such as Dungeons and Dragons and strategic board games such as Pandemic. 

As a gamer myself, I chose a selections of games I am able to teach them, that are easy to learn, and engaging over time.With many students living in poverty and with few safe activities available for students, most students say they would just go home and play video games alone. With Gaming Club, these students now get to play socially for an hour a day twice a week. We do not collect dues from members nor do we receive funding for materials. Gaming Club runs entirely on the generosity of Fairy Gaming Godparents like you. Teens who otherwise would be isolated come together to enjoy the games they love.”

She has a campaign going right now and is asking for less than three hundred bucks for her gaming club. That brings in a lot of stuff for them to use and on the project page, it even lists what she will be using the money for!  

We’re asking for help, be it in the form of donations or boosts, so that we can keep these kids gaming and making friends as well as learning a past time many of us are very passionate about.  I have made many friends through a shared love of gaming and I have seen them do the same.  

If you would be interested in helping us out, please check out her page:  High School Gaming Club Needs Games!  Also, remember to use the promocode “SPARK” to double your donation!  Donorschoose will match each donation she gets!  

Thanks in advance: this means the world to these kids.

Here’s Why No One’s Funding the Department of Homeland Security

Basically, it’s another war between Republicans and Obama, mostly because some are not a fan of how lenient he’s being towards undocumented immigrants. Not too long ago, President Obama issued an executive order to bring his immigration plan to fruition — all of which is implemented by the DHS. Depending on which side you ask, this was either marginally legal at best (constitutionally speaking), or a long overdo policy shift to give the country time to proactively reform its current immigration policies. And because the DHS is the department that funds immigration-related activities, this is the Republican’s biggest bargaining chip.

Since Congress cannot directly stop Obama’s executive order, their only other option to stop it is to deny funding of the DHS. Because if the DHS doesn’t have money, the executive order can’t be implemented.

A successful crowdfunding campaign will see the re-establishment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBQTI organisation Black Rainbow.

Founder, Broome-based Mangarayi man Dameyon Bonson, says the organisation is vital in efforts to support First Nations lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex people.

Mr Bonson says it’s an area which is underrepresented within mainstream services and at the Government level.

This is so great!!!

Help me

Hey guys

I’m in trouble

I can’t pay all of my fees for uni, and especially not with my rent, and I really need some help.

I’m trying to get a job, but I’m in drama school and I only get a couple of weeks of timetables at a time, so not many people want to hire me. If I don’t pay by June, I don’t get graded on my projects and can’t finish my degree. 

I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am and I’m terrified it will be taken away because of this. Please help if you can. If you can help in any way, even if it’s just sharing this I’d appreciate it a lot. If you help me out with this, feel free to message me about anything you might need help with, whether it’s now or in the future and I’ll do my best to return the favor. 

I hate to ask this, but I’m at the end of my rope.

This is my link again