My moms not doing well financially while having to pay for our family living here.
We are looking at an apartment but they’ve said they can’t wait until December for Aarons first full check, and they need $340 to hold the place.
I’m not good at asking for help, I’ve never really had to. I can’t eloquently explain our situation and how needed this is, because I feel foolish for putting us in this situation.

Anything and everything will be gladly appreciated, even if we can only get the application fee. Any step forward is a huge one for us and would be tremendously helpful.

Thank you guys

My 4 year old cat Kitty I brought into my home 3 years ago as a stray needs funding for his emergency vet procedures on his urinary tract to save him

Hi guys!! I have never done this before but I am in a really shitty situation where my cat is sick and has some expensive vet bills I don’t exactly have the money for. I have already spent almost $200 at the vet and i thought my kitty was getting better only to have to bring him in today and get around a $600 procedure and hospital stay for the next few days. I have a very limited income of a small monthly disability benefit because my father is very sick right now, so this is a very financially straining time in our lives so i have little options. If you could share this around it would be MUCH appreciated!! I also have a donation button on my page now for anyone who can help me out.


Please help me study abroad!

Hi everyone!

I’m currently trying to raise enough money to cover an unexpected $300 study abroad “processing fee” which I was not forewarned about, and now cannot afford. If I don’t pay this amount by the beginning of October, my application will be tossed out, and all of my efforts over the past semester will have been for nothing. If any of you would care to donate to my cause, I would so appreciate it. 

The GoFundMe page is here! But if you can’t afford to donate (which I completely understand!), please reblog and share this with whoever you can. 

Thank you! 

Activate your love & your rage and support the efforts in Ferguson in a tangible way. Poet & educator Britteney Conner, playwright Kristiana Colón, and activist & journalist Ferrari Sheppard are organizing efforts to supply people on the ground in Ferguson with gas masks and water bottles over the coming days. The gas masks will be for children, elderly, protesters, and whoever is in need. We will be taking two separate trips. Please message privately if you’re interested in specific departure times. We intend to purchase at least 100 gas masks and water bottles and coordinate with protesters and organizers in Ferguson for peaceful and supportive distribution to those who need it most. Stand united with those whose voices are being silenced & contribute to intentional and loving resistance. 

$3000 will cover gas masks, water bottles, & the cost of gas to and from Ferguson. 


It has been brought to our attention that the practicality and necessity of that many gas masks might be pushing it. People on the ground that we have been in talks with and articles coming out have made a push to get food and water brought in. Currently students are not being fed because of school closings and food pantries are running empty. We still intend to purchase a few quality gas masks and other items for eye protection, but we are refocusing our energy on feeding and hydrating people of and in Ferguson. We want to use your donations as wisely as possible while still remaining transparent about our actions. Thank you.

The number of non-academic administrative and professional employees at U.S. colleges and universities has more than doubled in the last 25 years, vastly outpacing the growth in the number of students or faculty.

“There’s just a mind-boggling amount of money per student that’s being spent on administration.”