[141017 COVER] VIXX - Error Piano Solo Cover

cr: TheAnSisters via YT

but SERIOUSLY 1M views IS NOT the magical number that will let vixx win every time! Don't stop watching the mv because it /just/ reached 1M!!

Those boys deserve more!

just imagine their smiling faces and how happy they would be when the mv reaches the next million or 2??

well you can be the reason for them to smile~

so don’t fail them and work as hard as they do for us to be happy =)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] The Twitter Initiative Cont.

Greetings, Starlight warriors!

If you have been keeping abreast of the ongoing Twitter hashtag war, you will have noticed the enormous amount of dedication and support pouring out for VIXX on twitter. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the VIXX tag [Here] It’s pretty impressive, right?

You also may have noticed the valiant efforts of our fandom’s beloved RT Bot Squads! However! We have become increasingly concerned about the gap between the ranks of RTbots and the tweets there to act upon. In certain hours of the day, there are many bots online while the VIXX tag moves slowly. This means our SNS efforts are not being maximized.

Following the fantastic list of RT Bots made by twitter user @_fleuret which can be found [HERE] we have made our own list of HASHTAG BOTS. These are Twitter accounts that mostly specialize in posting a large amount of tweets with the proper #VIXX and #ERROR hashtags. The open Google Document can be found [HERE]

Please add users to this list. If it seems to you like there aren’t very many Hashtag Bots, it’s because there aren’t. If you decide to help contribute to the Twitter efforts, please make a Hashtag Bot, not more Retweet Bots! You can make cute themed Hashtag Bots! Make a whole squad! Make one for all your friends! Please increase the amount of tweets in the #VIXX and #ERROR hashtags. Thank you!

Our goal is to have one Hashtag Bot for every three Retweet Bots!

Links:[List of Hashtag Bots], [List of Retweet Bots]

- Captain Niah

hi sones! or i guess just my followers in general! we need your help! vixx needs your help AND I’M COUNTING ON YOU GUYS TO HELP ME VOTE FOR THEM OK?  it literally takes 5 mins AND YOU WON’T REGRET IT I PROMISE YOU. as sones, we’re kinda used to constantly winning and we don’t usually have to worry too much about this kind of thing. please help vixx win. they’re such an amazing, AMAZING group that doesn’t get enough recognition. please help fellow sones and my followers!!! PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

we need to vote for them on show champion and i would love you guys forever and give you guys a million hugs if you vote for them. go vote here. if you don’t have an account here’s a tutorial here . (if you love jessica you’ll vote for vixx. :)))))  )

<333 ruby

p.s. i’m counting on you guys!


Hongbin’s deep voice~~ Leo cute dance~~ Kekekeke
VIXX 빅스의 청취자 미션! 이것만은 하고 가~! / 141016[슈퍼주니어의키스더라디오]

[Announcement] The Hashtag Party has Begun!

Hi Starlights~

Just reminding you that, as it is Tuesday and after 11pm KST, the hashtag party has begun!

So let’s start tweeting and retweeting to boost those SNS points. For more information about the hashtag party you can go [HERE], for information about hashtag and retweet bots you can go here [HERE] and lastly, for information on the proper way to tweet so that it is counted towards SNS points you can go [HERE]

Let’s start getting those points!

Fighting, Starlights~!

-Admin Cait