it makes me laugh how many people are like “omfg Dirk and Jane’s friendship in this update is so cute!!!” 

like they’ve had a really great, really adorable friendship from the beginning. He rewrote a whole damn book for her basically and made her a robo-bunny out of a prized family heirloom. 

Their friendship has always been fucking cute as hell,


Quilly this is late but you seemed kind of down the other day so have all these things.So the other day I read the first installment of Fun with Dirk and Jane by aquilldeferred.  I didn’t have it in front of me when I drew these, though, so uh it may be inconsistent in place.  CALIBORN SHOULD PROBABLY HAVE HIS COAT AND ALL THOSE THINGS.

Everyone go read the story now.  Toasty out.

This was fun~

  • Jane has super strength, flight and her fork.
  • Jake has agility and can shoot hope-rays.
  • Roxy has her gadgets, smarts and Mutini and her charm.
  • Dirk can summon weapons from his chest; and maybe laser vision? yeah, laser vision.

Your name is Dirk Crocker and your roommate is driving you nuts.

In which Jane Crocker is not quite right at all, Karkat Vantas ruins all the things, Li’l Cal is a puppet in a human body, Kurloz Makara has a funny pipe, Roxy Lalonde is a super secret agent man, and Dirk Strider has to answer his own questions.

Here it is, fourth in the Life with Dirk and Jane series, fifth in Sherlockbound! 24,160 words, and I think clocks in as the longest Dirk and Jane fic of them all. Warnings for blood, past mentions of an abusive relationship, present taking advantage of that relationship, romantic tension, and murderclowns.

Happy reading!