Waterproof Notepads

Ensure your valuable notes survive the harsh weather conditions by writing them in the waterproof notepad. Now even if it begins to rain or your backpack accidentally falls into a river, you’ll still be able to write down whatever you need.


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Preorders are now open for flower crown goodie bags!!

Each bag will include 3 different random flower crowns (not the gross looking ones either, ik u know what I mean) and 2 random people who order will also get a pair of egg earrings (I don’t have my ears pierced so I have no use for them :’^0 ) Also every goodie bag will have an extra lil gift as well :^)

The cost is $20 with free shipping

I’ll ship anywhere BUT shipping out of the us is $5 extra

You can pay through PayPal using the friends and family option to OR through mail (contact for more info if paying through mail)


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[̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] - suho

(☆^O^☆) -yixing

(・◇・) -minseok

ヾ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ♪ - kai

 (^ワ^=)  -jongdae

( 。•_• 。) -kyungsoo

ヘ(゚∇゚ヘ) - baekhyun

(* ̄、ゝ ̄) - sehun

Σ (੭ु ຶਊ ຶ)੭ु⁾⁾ -chanyeol

(ʃƪ ˘ ³˘) - tao


(  ○゜ε^○ ✿ )- luhan

<( ̄︶ ̄)> - yifan

It's All Just Smoke and Grace - On the Season Finale

Alright: because apparently I still haven’t posted enough crazy spec today, here’s a last one that is brought to you by lost-shoe and the crazy person that goes by the name of me. ;)

So, lost-shoe and I have been thinking: Misha said the finale would feature a “sigh of relief”-moment followed by an “oh shit”-moment. So based on that we think that Sam will succeed in removing the mark from Dean’s arm, but just minutes later Dean starts to pale, he suddenly starts bleeding from his chest. The old wound from Metatron stabbing him breaks open, because essentially the mark was what kept Dean alive.

So Dean dies. Death arrives. We have a similar moment as with him and Sam in 9x01 and we see Dean being okay to go with him.

We zoom out of Dean’s head and we see Sam holding Dean and crying over his lifeless body. Then Cas shifts into view. Sam looks at him pleadingly (implying he asks Cas if he can help *cough* grace *cough*)

We zoom back into Dean’s head, he is about to leave with Death, then there’s a bright light. We are back outside. Close up of Dean’s face (like in the season finale last year). He opens his eyes. They aren’t black. And neither are they green. They are bright blue.

Black screen. End of the season. Title cards is all I’m saying…

And with that I spilled enough crazy onto this site and head to bed because in order to watch the episode before work I have to get up in 5 hours already, lol. Oh the things one does for SPN. ;)


i’ve been wanting to do a dangan ronpa crossover since before i started using this blog, tbh.

also, i’d like to use this opportunity to promote danganlive!! it’s an exciting semi-interactive adventure and they’re currently having their first trial! give it a look.

when bus one is on fire and dead. when your son Niall keeps wearing that ugly hat. when you know all this will make your son Liam more sad. when your son Zayn left home to be happy, but everyone else is hurt. when your son Louis acts out because his brother left him. when your son Harry is lost in LA. when a creepy old man has destroyed your family. when you failed as a mother.

James Bond Frozen Body Popsicle

Lick down your favorite 007 actor with this Daniel Craig inspired frozen body popsicle. With a license to chill, this beefed up dessert makes your wildest dreams come true as you run your tongue up and down his perfectly chiseled torso.


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