Floating Coffee Mug

Keep your tables clean without needing a drink coaster with these floating coffee mugs. Using a clever support system, the coffee mug floats in the air, keeping your table top safe from hot coffee leaving behind a mark – and its unique shape is surprisingly durable too.


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Zodiac Signs as Pie!

Aries- Raspberry Pie

Taurus- Apple Pie

Gemini- Lemon Meringue Pie

Cancer- Pecan Pie

Leo- Pumpkin Pie or Peach Pie

Virgo- Blueberry or Blackberry Pie

Libra- Cherry Pie or Strawberry Pie

Scorpio- Boysenberry Pie or Mixed Berry Pies

Sagittarius- Green Grape Pie or Sugar Pie

Capricorn- Meat Pies or Sweet Potato Pie

Aquarius- Coconut Cream Pie or Key Lime Pie

Pisces- Rhubarb Pie or Tarts

Images You Shouldn’t Masturbate To

Drown out your sexually deviant thoughts in a matter of seconds with the “Images You Shouldn’t Masturbate To” book! Jam packed with eighty pages of boner subsiding pictures, this unusual book is a clean and wholesome way to pass the time.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy