people are mad about the whole blue and black/white and gold dress meme already and getting all upset you’re all petty assholes who can’t put up with a meme for ONE DAY without complaining

I saw it as gold and white so that bullshit post about sticking it in paint and colour picking it is a load of bollocks because I did that in photoshop yesterday and surprise surprise it was fucking gold and white still

'impressionable' my ass, I saw the picture before the goddamn text what was I being impressioned by


so i got tagged in the ‘post 3 pictures of yourself’ thing by ilarual. (which, by the way, i did see that you tagged me for the handwriting thing and i do plan to do it but i just sort of… haven’t yet. sorry.) anyway.

  • first pic is a nice portrait studio photo feat. my hair cascading all shiny-like down my shoulder and my face not looking like a trashbag
  • second pic is a selfie from my godfather’s wedding reception that didn’t turn out too terribly. my mom let me go to the hotel’s spa to get my hair done for the event and it turned out REALLY NICE
  • third pic is me + the foam block castle i constructed at the National Building Museum in DC. it took me… oh, an hour and a half or thereabouts? ridiculously fun. i could have played there all day.

uhh… idk how the whole ‘tagging multiple people’ thing goes. but, hey, stillinskay or absenteeboating or sapphireswimming or hypotheticalanomaly? if you’re interested, go right ahead!

also, special bonus pic:

the central toilet-paper-mummy was me at the MBC anime club halloween meeting a year or two ago. (hi bloodycutlassofthesevenseas and purplenickel!). i was the most thoroughly wrapped one, and my team won the game!


Characters: fem!Enjolras & fem!Marius + inspired-modern-AU-Grantaire (Les Misérables)

Cosplayers: me (Enjolras) & Elena (Boudicca) (Marius) + Viko (Grantaire)

Photo: Yushuu (SKYLine Photography) + a little stupid edit by me.

I guess this is a little hypocritical coming from somebody with a popular text post complaining about the romanticizing of something but people need to stop, take like 10 steps back, and re-examine what “romanticize” actually means because people trying to make jokes about negative aspects of their lives isn’t romanticizing those things but that’s 90% of how people seem to use that word

Gaaah, I just wrote something about Cole and Aurora! And it was so fun! I can easily see I haven’t written much English stories lately… But it was so fun! ;u; I don’t know if I should upload it, though. Would it be okay for you guys? I think it’s a bit long. ;u;



Pretty Odd Killjoys:

based on the heacanon by Anon and mcrdeviantclub ~ Poison and Ghoul get lost in a part of the desert they don’t know and find themselves in the territory of another, slightly unusual rebel gang led by the illustrious Mr Brendon Urie, who was expecting the killjoys to be rather more, well, fabulous than they actually are. (featuring Ryan Ross, who guards the entrance to the derelict casino which serves as the hive of the Pretty Odd Empire)

(click for HQ)

I still haven’t decided whether I want to cosplay as Reaver or Logan, but I definitly need to cosplay from Fable at some point