Thallen Week Day 4: Social Media AU

Eddie always reblogged stuff from hucklebarryallen and kind of had a little crush on the blogger behind it. Then one day, he spotted Barry in a grocery store and he mustered up the courage to ask for a picture. He thought he was lucky enough to meet his internet idol so he was even more surprised when Barry ended up asking for his url…and his number. 

Fic written by the amazing actualciscoramon coming soon!

A RANDOM DAY! I spent the afternoon with a new friend. During our time together we found amazing little places, bumped into lots of people I know, made a few plans for the summer and had some great talks. (More photos soon. The random tag will refer to this day only. 2015.05.27. We took like 400 photos that day.)

Anime Expo is Coming up...

Which means that our official gathering is coming up as well. I am so excited! WHEEE!!!

It’s going to be on Day 3, at Site 1, at 1:00pm. We’re going to cut some of photos in half because we’re doing a freaking RAFFLE for our beloved fans who attend our gathering.

I am so excited! I cannot wait. Will you be coming to our gathering?! If so, send us an ASK and tell us who you’re cosplaying as! *brownie points if you’re doing UtaPri* xD But we have no hate if you come in any other cosplay to our gathering. =3

I wonder if we can hit 4,000 followers before AX comes. OMG CAN WE MAKE IT HAPPEN EVERYONE?! XDDD Probably not, but I can dream.

- Kayumi-chan

Transistor: The Recursions
  • First Game:Wow, this game was great! The characters are so well-fleshed and the story is amazing! Man, this is incredible.
  • First Recursion:Oh, new game plus? Is that Royce's voice at the beginning? Nice! Now I get to pick all the choices I didn't pick. I think I missed some terminals. Might as well finish leveling up...
  • Second-Third Recursion:..or MIGHT AS WELL FINISH ALL THE DOORS, MAX LEVELS, EVERYTHING AT MY DISPOSAL. Sure love having all the songs. Finally finished the administrator joke! Blue, you doofus. I should test out new combos. Cull() is life. Royce is definitely easier than what I remember.
  • Fourth Recursion:Yes Blue, I know we finished all the doors. I don't know what to do now, you shit. Can I fight that clucker army I was told to run away from? Yes I can. Can I fight the mating Young Ladies? Absolutely. I'm going to try all these overkill combos.
  • Fifth Recursion:...I'm going to complete this game with all limiters on and no one can stop me
  • Sixth Recursion:Fucking Men. Shut the fuck up Asher I don't have time for your exposition. Have you been sitting next to your dead husband for- 35 minutes??? Royce you're too zoomed in on the proxy. What happens if I let Sybil crawl away. Did I read all of Royce's exposition on the first try???
  • Seventh Recursion and onward:This doesn't even fucking make sense. Royce had been sitting there for the first 4 hours of the game doing jack shit. Why does Sybil direct Red to the husbandos and not the only person out of them that actually had a mediocre idea of what that fucking cerulean vibrator does. How the fuck does Red lose her voice anyway. This is bullshit.
  • New save file:IS THAT A FUCKING GHOST

Various doodles from my Twitter. An afternoon walk (with a stolen book, wow), wing AU Gogo, and Honey! I get requested to draw Honey a lot, so there’s that.

Also, to the anon who asked what Gogo is in Wing AU - she’s a peregrine falcon. Very fast. Very hard to catch.