Oyasumi Punpun (“Goodnight, Punpun”) is a supremely bizarre Seinen manga by Inio Asano about the title character, Punpun. Punpun is a young, innocent, and naive child, who, in some kind of strange stylistic choice, is depicted as a simplistic sketch of a bird despite everyone outside of his family looking like a normal human. He has no real dreams, his father is an abusive deadbeat (at least, he appears to be), and his mother is a drunk who regrets having him, but Punpun has one thing: a pretty girl named Aiko whom he fawns over.

“Punpun was a manga where I wasn’t thinking at all about the magazine readers, but I want this next one to be readable from chapter to chapter in the magazine.  I’ve chosen to work away at it chapter by chapter, deciding my next move as I go along. I don’t know how long the series will continue for, either — it could be really brief, or it could continue forever as my life work, in the mold of a Danchi Tomoo. What I make this manga into will really depend on the response I get from the readers. That’s how I want to approach this new series”.



Jessica Rabbit, Wonder Woman, Betty Boop, la Jasmine di Alladin, Maggie Simpson: le donne più iconiche del mondo dei comics, con la loro bellezza buffa o prorompente, sono le inedite testimonial della campagna che l'artista e attivista italiano Alesxandro Palombo porta avanti per sensibilizzare le donne sull'importanza della prevenzione del cancro al seno. La sua serie si intitola ‘Survivor’ e vuole celebrare la forza e il coraggio di chi lotta contro la malattia



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