FLEET faces | + Full Moon Festival NYC

Brett Kincaid is the main man behind the Full Moon Festival - an awesome day of good music, sun (and moon) this past Saturday on Governors Island. Because we partnered with Matte Projects (the brainchild of Brett and his partner Max - a creative production company focused in music properties) for our own fleet4hearme project, we had a whole Fleet of fancy festival goers sporting the awesome womp. We asked Brett our Fleet face interview questions to reveal a bit more about the man with full moon visions. Thanks Brett! 

Where do you live?

Soho, New York City, Quiet Street

What are you most passionate about?

Progress - at this point in life I am passionate about identifying what I want to do and pushing the envelope of what is possible. 

Currently obsessed with?

Music - Experience - Film. 

Words of Wisdom?

Nothing replaces hard work, log the time, and do what you love, and hope that aligns with what your skilled in :) 

What does Fleet mean to you?

Fleet is brilliant. Outside of the social social enterprising aspect, which is admirable the designs, the aesthetic and the quality are high. People love it, from what I’ve seen so far.