TiLT: a fortnight of comic books and star trek edition

Another fortnighter! I came off the latest nerdlesque show and have been full-tilt into new (to me) nerdy things without stopping, so, that’s half of this…

* Sexed Generation: ahh, what a show! Both nights of performances were so much fun; the audiences loved it (and made plenty of noise to say so); and I just enjoyed the hell out of it all, from the opening dance to the backstage shenanigans and all. Plus it’s reignited my love of watching Trek, which I am now doing nearly every night I have an extra hour to spare (or some mending to do, or etc). What a delight.

* Brunch + comics + ladies & allies + adorable dog + feminist-focused discussion of Rat Queens = fabulous morning, A+ will do again. 

* On that note: comic books, you guys: I am now devouring them. Rat Queens and Saga still hold the top titles for me, but I just ripped my way through the entire Y: The Last Man in about five days too. Am now accepting loans of any you have that you think I should read! 

* Emerald Downs! I went with Patrick and his parents, for the annual fluttering of cash at the ponies. I know next to nothing about betting and usually lose everything I came there to spend—my strategy is most often based on names I enjoy, and/or watching the horses in the paddock and choosing the one I think is prettiest—but it’s always a grand time. There was an Irish horse! And she was pretty. (Yes, I bet on her, and yes, she lost.)

* The Invisible Hand at ACT. This play, I just—it’s breathtaking.If you are near Seattle, get thee to the theater and see it. Seriously. Go. 

*& etc: naan bread, earl grey tea, honeycrisp apples, bacon n pancake cupcakes, potato waffles, cold cider, and avocados; waving at friends passing by downtown; walk-chatting up the hill with Brett; dance-cuddling with Samara; Miss Fisher marathon with Morgan (and our shared overwhelming frustadoration with Phyrne & Jack, I mean, ffs, KISS ALREADY); Cards Against at Meaghan’s birthday, with drinks outside on the patio and a ridiculous amount of jokes and laughter; happy hour at the Space Needle (so fancy!); enjoying my long hair for the last few days before it’s gone; sweaters and boots and rain, oh fall weather, I like you; and the gentleman, for all the things (xoxo). 

yiffmaster said:

Is zoophobia supposed to be still under construction? because it's been a while since you posted that updates were back but I still get a "we'll be back soon" page

yeah i’m sorry! We are working on it! I feel SO bad, I chose literally the WORST time to bring updates back, cause it was the DAY the site crashed, so now we are having to rebuild it from scratch! I promise though, the longer the wait, the more guaranteed pages you guys will see updated! cause even though it’s down, i’m still working on new pages full tilt!


Seeing Zelda run at full tilt at the dog park made me so happy.

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