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Kuroo, Oikawa, Bokutu reacting to their s/o getting bullied on >.<

All of these bullies have a death wish….

Kuroo Tetsurou: Oh my god. Yipes yipes yipes. Literally, not only Kuroo but the entire volleyball team would be at the bully’s throat. Kuroo though, would just be beside himself with rage. Kuroo doesn’t get mad, like ever. He gets annoyed, ticked off, and all that jazz but it is a rare occasion when Kuroo is legitimately enraged. As captain of the volleyball team, he can’t actually do anything to the bully but he won’t hesitate to bull out all the stops as to how scary he could be. Regardless of who the person was, he’s make sure it was crystal clear: if the bully made so much as a step in his S/O’s direction again, he’d make their life hell at Nekoma.

Oikawa Tooru: Okay, so this is basically some bullshit. Probably one of his jealous fangirls and he is furious and disgusted. There’s no warm Tooru, no smiles, no snappy remarks, nothing that would help anyone at Aobajosai recognize this freakishly scary guy as Oikawa. He wouldn’t even be able to say anything, it’d literally just take all of his self-control to pull his S/O away without tearing into their bully. The next day there’d be crazy rumors about the incident and a member of the volleyball keeping an eye on his S/O or their bully 24/7.

Bokuto Koutaro: So Bokuto is probably with Akaashi cuz they’re joined at the hip. Bokuto’s first reaction is to rush to them and protect them, completely disregarding the source of their distress. Until Akaashi comes over and asks, cold as ice, what exactly they thought they were doing. Dealing with the forth strongest ace in the nation is one thing. Couple that with the calculating setter to finish off the pair and the bully would practically be passing their pants. Since they were so tongue tied, he’d pose the question to Bokuto’s S/O and, upon hearing the response, Bokuto goes ridged then turns to glare at the bully like they were prey, 100% ready to fight. Akaashi, of course, holds him back and instructs the bully to leave and do it quickly, for Bokuto and his S/o’s sake. That bully never gave them trouble again.

Imagine a training camp with all four major teams and them having like

Just for fun mock matches

Kenma setting for Karasuno while Nishinoya plays libero for Fukurodani, Suga setting for Aoba Josai, Oikawa hanging with Nekoma, and then Hinata and Kageyama being a GIANT MESS playing against each other.


I think we should appreciate how the, ’cool,’ Haikyuu!! characters are such dorks.
Actually, not even just the cool characters, but ALL OF THE CHARACTERS.

  • Kageyama flips his lid whenever volleyball is mentioned, and thinks the brain is a muscle.
  • Kageyama still doesn’t know how to properly high five someone.
  • Daichi and Asahi high-fived each other so hard they nearly collapsed from the pain.
  • Ennoshita likes making films and casts his loser friends in every one.
  • Ennoshita is the, ’Boss,’ of the Second Years.
  • Daichi made the fire alarm go off while in a scuffle with the basketball captain.
  • Sugawara has a shrimp shirt.
  • Asahi has long hair/ facial hair, because he thought it made him look, ’wild.’
  • Asahi is a powerful Ace who is constantly mistaken for a delinquent adult when he is about as dangerous as a ball of cotton.
  • Aone is an even bigger ball of cotton who just wants someone to sit next to him on the train - protect him at all costs.
  • Tsukishima collects dinosaurs and knows so much useless trivia, and Yamaguchi thinks he’s the coolest guy ever - plus they both have matching Prada bags.
  • Shimada actually folds his clothes neatly before he plays a volleyball game.
  • Ukai is a big, tough grumpy grump who sings to himself while cleaning when he thinks no one is listening.
  • Takeda looks like a 14 year old boy, but apparently loves to drink and party.
  • Kenma inwardly squeals and has face sparkles when he gets a new game.
  • Kuroo and Bokuto are two amazingly strong captains with so much knowledge and wisdom and they live and breathe really stupid puns and provocation.
  • Lev is literally a 6'4" baby. 
  • Bokuto is probably an even bigger baby than Lev.
  • Akaashi is everyone’s mom.
  • Iwaizumi collected bugs as a kid while Oikawa was a HUGE alien nerd and had a whole bunch of alien swag.
  • Oikawa is probably still an alien nerd, but hides it all behind his volleyball posters.
  • Ushijima is as dense if not more dense than the protagonist in a harem/ reverse harem anime.
  •  Akiteru has a Sazae San shirt and prioritizes the cuteness of his nearly 6'2" brother.
  • Kindaichi is Oikawa and Iwaizumi’s biggest fangirl and looks like a turnip.
  • Mad Dog is literally the angry puppy that pisses on everything that only likes Iwaizumi.
  • Koganegawa is a 6'2" precious crybaby who looks like a Pokemon and wants nothing more than to please his senpai.
  • Sakunami is half of his size and his guardian angel.
  • Nishinoya and Hinata have been mistaken for elementary school kids.
  • Literally every time Hinata has to go to the bathroom he is stopped by some threatening force - God, just let the kid pee.

There are a thousand more instances, but these are the ones that came to my mind. Feel free to add.


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