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How do you think the Nekoma boys would react if they ever got a female manger?

Kai would be delighted about the new addition to the team, as would Yaku - however, they knew that their jobs just got a whole lot harder if it meant keeping their team mates from harassing her too much (Im looking at you Yamamoto)  Kuroo would have a similar approach, but perhaps with a bit more playful flirtation between the two of them - he would, however, respect her boundaries and decisions. 

Needless to say, Lev, Yamamoto and Inuoka would be thrilled at having a female manager. They would love her support and encouragement for them, and would do anything and everything for her - just to get on her good side. They would fawn over how cute she was, and how nice her personality was - remarking how they could easily make all the others jealous of their wonderful female manager.

Fukunaga and Kenma may feel slightly indifferent towards the new manager being female. They would be pleasant enough towards her, and as helpful as they could be - but they wouldn’t fawn over her like the others may just because she was a girl.

i don’t think i ever translated my main cat babe fukunaga’s profile from the hq official website & it’s kinda brilliant so (cracks knuckles)

'despite being a regular, fukunaga has not spoken a single line in the manga.  even more taciturn than kozume.  however, as his name indicates, he may bring luck to the nekoma team*… or he may not, we don't know.  apparently fond of comedy, he often thinks up funny things but never tells them to anyone, and instead just laughs covertly to himself.'

(*his name & character design are a reference to this)


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