“Perfectly imperfect Carlos invited me to some science yesterday. He said he had found some interesting chemicals conveniently placed right on his desk and they were reacting very fascinating and he wanted to share that with me. Now, I’m not going to go into too many details, but listeners, let me tell you, it was a really romantic evening.”

I was feeling down so I made up a small animation to cheer me up. Have my first contribution to the night vale fandom. It’s nothing special and it’s messy and I made it in an hour but I hope some of you will appreciate it none the less.

And btw I don’t really have a Cecil heacanon. I never even thought about what he looked like. So if I make more animations he’ll probably look different.


Finished three badges that will probably be used by the Dessert Dragons Association I’m opening. Instead of using a fixed color palate we will use ‘themes’ as to not restrict creativity. Above themes are 'Drinks’, 'Bonbon’ and 'Ice Cream’. Suggestions for the Association are more than welcome! The thread can be found here

I am beautiful!

First of all, this is a post for myself, so I can read it when I’m down again because of my family.
And I must thank captainnaustralia for this, because she saved my day and inspired this.

My Mum always tells me:“You would be so beautiful if you just took better care of yourself”
Now, what does my mum by that.

1.First of all, she means my choice of clothing:

I like to wear big hoddies, tshirts and bandanas.
Maybe Mum doesn’t like them, but these are the clothes I feel comfortable in and she has no right to tell me to wear clothes she approves of but I feel uncomfortable wearing.

2. Mum says, I’m overweight

I’m sorry, but this is not overweighted. I’m a little bit chubby, and I like myself this way. I’m happy with my weight and if my Mum wants to be thin, she can be thin, but it’s my choice what I want to do with my body.

3. Mum wants me to put on make up and pluck my eyebrows

I don’t have a problem with make-up on other people, but I feel extremly uneasy when I put make up on myself. I always feel like I’m trying to hide something, I feel fake. That’s why I won’t wear make up and in my opinion, I don’t need it, I’m beautiful without make-up. As for the eyebrows, I just don’t see the appeal. I like my brows the way they are, if somebody wants to pluck their eyebrows, that’s fine with me, but I don’t need it.

4. I should wear contacts instead glasses

I really like my glasses. When I was younger I was ashamed of them because my classmates would bother me because of them I would only wear them when I had to. One day I thought:“Fuck them!” And wore them 24/7. I consider my glasses part of myself. I like the way they make me look, I’m proud of them and they are nothing to be ashamed of. If I were to wear contacts I would feel like betraying myself and I don’t want that.

There are more point where my mother/my family criticize me, but I think, these are enough to get my point across.
As long as I feel comfortable, nobody has the right to tell me that I should wear something different, lokk different or anything else.

I’m proud to be the way I am.


I’m in holiday mood so I thougth I would give an early christmas present to my folllowers. I will draw a chibi of you as seen above.
I’m also drawing couple chibis if there is the case of a couple following me who wants their chibis together. 
The chibi will be simple with simple lines and colours otherwise I wouldn’t be able to finish all of them, depending on the demand. 

1. You have to follow me
2.Reblog this and add a reference, a photo or a description of yourself 
3. Likes don’t count 

For now this is with an open end but I will end it if they get too many.

(The couple in  the right corner are the wonderfull viperfox and spacu, all rights of the designs etc. go to them)

Help would be appreciated

Guys I need help for thinking up more mermaids. Can you tell me cool fish so I can make mermaids inspired by them?


For reference, these are the two I’ve done by now (they are small as they are ACEO-cards:

Part of my arttrade with Jess <3
Bear!Teddy and Wolf!Billy from Young Avengers
I didn’t use any references, so my anatomy is all over the place XD