Behind The Scenes: Silent Sanctuary - “Paalam”


Hippest wedding! Best wishes Yan & Ray!!!!

onsite video by FUGUWI COLLECTIVE.


my bro directed this music video c: #proudsister


Posh Nails Foot and Hand Spa celebrates a decade of pampering by throwing a big party for all their friends, family, sponsors, endorsers and franchisees.

We’ve seen our share of typical anniversary parties, and we thought this one wasn’t any different.

We were wrong!

What started out as a slow, ambient dinner quickly turned into a loud, heart-pounding, full on house party filled with music, laughter, dancing and not to mention, A LOT OF DRINKS!

By the time we were done with the coverage, it was clear that they were just getting started!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned that night, POSH NAILS knows how to PARTY!!!


IRIS Logistics, Inc. is celebrating its 5th anniversary with a bang! The company wanted to kick-start their event with a special AVP that will capture the attention of the guests and fellow employees. Leaning towards a very “Futuristic” theme, they wanted an AVP that would look like it’s something out of a “Star Wars” scene. So we put our thinking caps on, and figured, what better way for a sci-fi theme than to put in a “Millennium Falcon” cockpit scene where it would seem that the company is gallantly traveling (in light speed) into new and exciting horizons!

So, here’s the story, the client goes,“We’d like the AVP to be edgy, you know, up-to-date and futuristic!”.  Right then, little “thought bubbles” pop above our heads, “Okay, IRIS is a freight forwarding company, they move things for a living, how the hell can we make this Futuristic?!?!”.  Needless to say, it was quite a challenge for us. 

But such a challenge is what fuels our creativity as a group,  this makes Fuguwi, “Fuguwi”,  to get out there, accept a challenge and nail it!  And with a good collaboration between us and the head writer [Nino Gupana], we were able to piece things together, one interview to the next, and finally produce a corporate AVP that did not only meet the client’s expectations but actually exceeded it.

The client wanted a Sci-fi AVP and that’s exactly what they got!

Just leave it to us!