Probably a little late to make fanart of this?? ehhhhh I don’t care. And of course Gavin and Geoff cut their hair when I’m halfway done. And remind me to never draw sheep again omg

And now I’m tired and sick and can’t breath and going to bed.Nighty-night UuU

Ooop, almost forgot, outfit credit should go to Buttskun though I changed a lot of shit, sorry for that. quq


ot3-sih feeling stuff, came out less ot3-ish than i planned…mmm…. sorry again if these look weird, i took photos and edited the crap out of them

i don’t really have anything else to say except i love forgotten!manolo, though I guess it doesn’t make much sense in this context because it looks like they’re clearly crying over him so they have to remember him??/ I didn’t think this through. anyway back to spongebob jokes


SO my stupid scanner hasn’t worked on another computer since the old one crashed so i took pics of some off the tbol stuff i’ve doodled since when ever. my cameras eat up batteries so I could only take so many

anyway, some stuff from fanfiction and head canons… kinda lame stuff I haven’t been able to draw nice fanart cause i’m too busy


Who do we think we are?
Everything plays a part
There are some things we are never meant to know

AAAHHHHH okay so I never watched avatar as a kid and my sister made me watch the whole thing and we’re almost done with korra (I watched a lot of korra a while ago, i know) But anyway, I found a severe lack of ot3 ships. GET IT TOGETHER AVATAR FANDOM


Sorry, this is sort of long. But I can believe i finshed all these today, WOO. I’m so proud i figured out how to color sketch, and i think these ones came out pretty nice. 

So when ever i doodle shippy stuff i think of howls moving castle, for whatever reason, but i never drew the crossover until now, i guess these two sort of fit into the role well. :v anyway, i’ll try and tone it down on the yugioh fan art later