goopcat asked:

I'm glad you noticed the few goofs in the spoof.

I went into the video like “oh no groups” and I was really disappointed when there was almost no tomfoolery

btw, nice to meet you, my name is Marie and I’m a sophomore at UMBC and career forum troll

fuckyeahsamlevin replied to your post: I’m glad you noticed the few goofs in the spoof.

Obviously I am Sam. I’m a IS major and I am on the myUMBC Dev Team. Good to internet meet you as well. Hopefully our paths will cross in the meat space.

> myUMBC dev team

> meatspace

Suddenly I am reminded of the time I managed to sit down at a table at that myUMBC forum in the Skylight and within ten minutes I had Erik Walker, Thomas Riley, and Tyler Zaccagnini sitting next to me.

Of course you can’t do too many goofs… but get a few in. lmao

Bioinformatics major (read: unicorn) here! Hope to see you when the year starts! :)