never a truer statement said i feel bad for those that think being rich or having a lot of money will bring happiness into their life cus its always a temporary happiness… make friends, travel, figure out what drives you, makes you happy, just live day by day dont worry about the future or the past just live your life you only get one might as well not waste it

trapped in a bad place

blocked by ideals, convictions and people forever holding up walls holding me into a corner. no room to breathe. there is no freedom. trapped in the paradoxical want of money and love. never enough. never enough. conform or die. work or die. suit up johnny, grab your security blanket. it’s fuckin’ wild out there. 

Someone said something very nice about me earlier today. It’s something I’ve felt about myself, but have never put to words. I always felt my dad was pretty money-hungry, and I’ve never been that way… and I always wondered if that mentality is what made me so generous, because I was simply trying to even out that kind of thinking (like voting for “the other guy” when it comes to elections), but it isn’t that at all. He offered up this, and I think this puts it beautifully:

“You have a heart willing to give, and there are more important things to you than the materialism we’re surrounded by.”

If you’ve ever been offended or weirded out by my generosity, it’s that, right there. Not anything else. I’m just a generous dude. :)