It really sucks to be standing in between David and Gillian, doesn’t it? They just carry on their gazing, flirting, discussions no matter what. 

“Okay, guys, carry on being in your own world here. No, don’t worry. I’ll squeeze myself in between y’all. Its cool. Nope don’t move in closer I’m still trying to squeeze through. Almost there.” Meanwhile CC is in the back watching the struggle like “lol”


I am calling you out my dear friend Nova~!  sachikoyori shaming you in public! lol!

I recall, 12 weeks ago having a conversation with you on the twitter and you trying to convince me to get a tumblr blog…when I hesitated you said “But Sam, you don’t need to keep it, just come on there for a little while…and then you can delete it after a month or something”.


11 weeks ago, I did listen to you and created this blog….but your bad influence did not stop there!  When I was in Hong Kong on business, you and another friend conspired to corrupt me even further by creating a new “gillovny” blog for me……oh and then it was suggested I begin an “MSR” blog….now the person (that would be me) who claimed she was far too busy and had an important job to do….and things to do besides be has 3 blogs now here every day, conversing with you and your evil, disruptive ways….:-)—I was so very, very innocent until I met you!!

So this video is for you Nova…a little crack vid…no rhyme nor reason…but think of it as your punishment...for creating the tumblr junkie monster you have :)xoxo

By the end of 2014, everybody in the world had said their piece on the controversial James Franco and Seth Rogen film The Interview. Is it offensive? Should it be banned? Is America committing an “act of war" just by making a movie that about assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un? Typically, the only people left out of the conversation were actual North Koreans.

I teach English to North Korean defectors living in New Malden, a suburb of southwest London. Two of them were planning to watch the film anyway, so I asked if I could join them. We meet at the offices of Free NK newspaper, described on its English website as “a newspaper of hope and democracy with the goal of liberating the people of North Korea suffering in distress”. My student Kim Joo-il founded the newspaper after escaping from North Korea in 2005.

Joo-il joined the army as a teenager. As the famine of the 1990s and 2000s took its toll, soldiers deserted their units to try and escape starvation. Joo-il’s job as captain was to track them down. Most North Koreans are not allowed to travel. This, combined with a lifetime of government propaganda, means that they are unaware of the situation outside their hometowns. While Joo-il was travelling around North Korea in search of deserters, he realised that people were starving everywhere. Every train station had piles of bodies lying around.

He knew something was wrong. But what really triggered his decision to escape was a trip home. To welcome him back, his sister gave him a meal of rice, meaning that her own family had to go without. A few days later, Joo Il’s starving niece stumbled across some raw corn and ate it. It swelled up in her stomach and killed her. She was four years old.

Diana Bang with Dave (James Franco) and Aaron (Seth Rogen) in The Interview Sony/Columbia Pictures

In 2005 Joo-il was sent to Hamgyong province, near the Chinese border. He knew this was his one opportunity to escape. He waited for a cloudy night and crept past border guards to swim across the Yalu river, arriving in China four hours later. Joo-il went to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand before being granted asylum in the UK, and finally settling in New Malden. His family in North Korea are constantly watched by the government.

Joo-il tells me through Seonju, our South Korean translator: “I don’t really want to watch this film. But after all the media attention and the hacking incident, I wondered what the controversy was about.” His friend, another defector who works at the Korean supermarket next door, doesn’t turn up at the last minute.

This was probably a wise decision.

Joo-il, Seonju and I proceed to sit through all 112 minutes of The Interview in awkward silence. As the only Westerner in the room, I am painfully aware of the lazy Asian jokes, stereotypes and cardboard North Korean characters. Constant crude sex jokes, combined with the high-ranking female Korean official’s inexplicable horniness for Seth Rogen made for a distinct “watching Masters of Sex with your grandparents” vibe.

The only laugh comes from Seonju, when Seth Rogen falls out a window. Though that might have been a cough. When Kim Jong-un is finally blown up in a much-discussed helicoptor scene, I look over and see Joo-il yawning. I’m pretty sure that two women and a 41-year-old North Korean defector were not the target audience for this film.

Joo Il looked like this throughout most of the film Lucy Edwards

"By making a film about the assassination of Kim Jong Un, I think Sony Pictures deliberately set out to create a media storm," Joo-il says afterwards. "With this subject matter, it could be an effective film, but I’m disappointed. Maybe Sony paid the North Korean government to create a scandal."

Joo-il is also unconcerned by Sony Pictures Entertainment’s decision to cancel the release in cinemas. “Sony Pictures Entertainment is a private company,” he explains. “They can do what they want. Whether they choose to release it or not, it’s OK it’s not an important point.”

So does he see The Interview having any positive impact for the people of North Korea? “It cannot help us to understand North Korean people,” he tells me. “Not in a serious way. And it will not have any impact on spurring western governments or the UN to take action either against the North Korean government or for the North Korean people.”

Thrown in with the smutty one-liners and “Frosty Nixon” (Frost/Nixon, geddit?) gags, there’s a running joke that Kim Jong-un is scared people will think he’s gay because he likes Katy Perry and cocktails. According to Joo-il, nothing about the film would chime with ordinary people in North Korea.

"North Korea is a closed society," Joo-il explains. "Our culture is influenced by Confucian values of reverence and respect. The crude sexual content would get an adverse reaction. Most North Korean people wouldn’t even understand the concept of homosexuality." 

In a recent Good Morning America interview, Seth Rogen said: “In the movie we go to great lengths to separate the regime that rules North Korea with the North Korean people themselves. And they are not bad; they are the victims of a horrible situation. Part of me thinks that they themselves would really enjoy the movie. Maybe. Who knows? I wonder if we’ll ever find out.”

A still from The Interview (with Korean subtitles) Lucy Edwards

"I myself am a defector," Joo-ill says. "But when I watched this film, I felt insulted. I understand it’s a comedy, it’s not serious. But even though they are laughing, it demeans North Korean people."

He adds that he has read reports that defectors in South Korea have sent copies of the movies to their relatives in North Korea via instant messaging – but after seeing the movie himself, Joo-il believes these reports are untrue. “I heard Americans know little about North Korea,” he says. “North Koreans are always portrayed as obedient robots. So with all the vulgar words, it’s like there is a subtext which demeans Korean people. In this movie it looks like we are too stupid to realise our government is bad.”

As for those plans to airdrop copies of the film over North Korea? ”This idea would just be for show, there would be no positive effect.” And no, cultural differences aren’t what’s stopping Joo-il from enjoying The Interview. ”Actually,” he says, “I have seen many American movies but this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of shit.”

Joo-il specifically singles out the moment where Franco’s character tells his new puppy, “We’re going to America, where they don’t eat dogs”. Here there is a moment of confusion as Seonju, our interpretor, had fallen asleep and missed this obviously riveting part of the movie. But were she awake, she tells me, she would also find this offensive. (She loves dogs.)

Punchlines about dog-eating Koreans isn’t satire – and it’s definitely not the kind of comedy that disarms a feared dictator. I ask Joo-il if North Korea could flip the tables on Sony and make a comedy about assassinating Obama could work in North Korea. He muses: “In North Korea all visual media; art, theatre and cinema comes from the central government. There is no cultural code whereby people could enjoy the assassination of Obama in the form of comedy. Maybe there could be a serious film, designed to arouse North Korean people’s rage.”

But maybe this won’t be necessary. As Joo-il puts it: “If they spread The Interview in North Korea, it will make people hate America much much more.”

anonymous asked:

This will be a rant [directed at no one especifically so if you're reading this don't rush in to wear a hat that doesn't fit], I apologize in advance: IDGAF how much ultraprofessional and media savvy the PR stratagies are or how many 3 month cycles of seeding we go through or how powerful and influential Azoff or Modest or Obama or Simon fucking Cowell is, coming out (The big one) will NOT.. BE.. COMPLETELY.. SMOOTH. This is what you get for growing mould in the closet for years. +

+ By all accounts, factoring in things such as the AIMH retweets and the ease with which anything larry related gets world trending on Twitter among others, there are good reasons to believe the number of people, directioners or not, who either know, strongly believe or strongly suspect that Harry and Louis are gay/in a relationship is counted in the millions and the count just keeps on growing. It’s a damn cycle: The more people learn of it the more people talk of it, the more buzz around it +

+ there is and as an outcome more people learn of it. Also the more postponed the come out is the more suspenseful things turn, the more exaggerated things become and the more out of control things get. Ignore the elephant if you will but don’t be a hypocrite and complain when it starts to shit all over the room and you feel somewhat bothered by the smell. And btw this is what things like #ImGayItsPrettyUnfortunate are: big piles of ignored elephant poo. Are they “helpful”? Fuck no! +

+ But this is the world we’re living in. I didn’t choose to be strapped on in this celebrity closet rollercoaster ride of hell but Harry said “female” is not an important trait he looks for in a relationship so here I am to see things through. You know who did choose to be on this ride? Harry and Louis; when they signed the contract to become world famous superstars. Maybe we ought to give them some credit for knowing where they’re standing and being prepared for whatever comes and stop +

+ thinking that everyone is somehow hurting them everytime something innocuous gets blown out of proportion by an overly excitable fandom. In short, we’re all stuck, this isn’t going to be confortable for anybody, there’ll be a lot of cringing so as a suggestion bite hard into something and just power through okay? Thank you for your time.

I am so turned on do you want to make out?

viva-glamourous asked:

Did you hear the police are saying Antonio Martin ambushed them?? Why are they making up lies??

Just saw… LIKE IN WHAT DISSONANT SUICIDAL WORLD DO THE POLICE THINK WE LIVE IN?! You seriously can’t give me any other explanation other than racism to explain this bullshit. First off, between four cameras, you can’t show clear evidence of an ambush, but you want me to take you at your word. Second, this kid is literally at the gas station picking up snacks with his girlfriend, but decided on the flip he was going to try and kill a cop that night, just for jollies during the holiday season. Third, he magically summoned a gun that no witness saw, even though, yet again, this is a gas station with four visible cameras. And fourth and finally, this kid clearly didn’t want to make it to Christmas, even though he was right down the street from his Mama’s house, girlfriend in tow. This is how I know that the police and their apologists are nothing but illogical, irrational, evil racists. You must take me for a plum troglodyte to be arguing with me over this story. Everything about it is suspect, no conspiracy theory necessary. #staywoke


I try to be funny.

-Mod Viktor Krum