Fuck you, Turnbull

Mr TURNBULL (Wentworth—Minister for Communications) (14:57): I thank the honourable member for his question. The Intergenerational report, through every page, cries out for innovation, for science, for technology and for productivity. The reality is, if we are to win the opportunities that the future offers us and seize the future in the optimistic way the Treasurer has described—as the government describes—then we need to be able to embrace the future. We need to be able to embrace volatility. Volatility has to be our friend not our enemy.

The future is not something we proof ourselves against. It is something we embrace. To do that, we need to be nimble; we need to be agile. We must never approach problems in a rigid, ideological way harking back to the past. The NBN is a classic example. We have been focused from the outset on what the customer needs. What does the customer need? Very good broadband. What technology should be used? Whatever technology is most cost-effective at the time

Ms Ryan interjecting

The SPEAKER: The member for Lalor will desist.

Mr TURNBULL: And what that is today may be different tomorrow—whereas the Labor Party was driven by ideology into locking itself into one slow and expensive platform.

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Fuck you Turnbull. Fuck you. Fibre-to-the-Premises (hereafter FTTP) being slower to roll out than Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) is something that cannot be categorically stated. All projects run into issues, and certainly installing FTTP at my own home ran into issues, since the tunnel the fibre was to be channelled through (the same one the existing copper was running through) had collapsed at some point, and thus had to be fixed before it could go in.

But there’s many things in this life that are worth doing once and doing it bloody RIGHT (like dad always used to say “If you’re going to do it, do it right the first time”). Internet is ABSOLUTELY one of them. Damn the expense. In 10 years’ time, people wouldn’t remember, or would be saying it was worth it.

Instead, you’re half-assing it, and it’ll have to be re-done again when the copper shits itself (you know, the copper that was “5 minutes to midnight” in 2003…). And it’s going to cost even more then.

You should be building something that’s going to support Australians now AND into the future, not telling us it’s not necessary because we don’t need it now and so we’ll do it in a “cost-effective” way.

Gods, you’re a fucking idiot.

A long and exhaustive examination of all the known facts regarding Telstra’s copper network - the centrepiece of the new government’s broadband policy.

Telstra on waterproofing existing copper lines -

“Put a plastic bag over it, she’ll be right mate”

The plastic bag fix is such that technicians routinely refer to the Telstra network as Baghdad.

Telstra’s copper infrastructure + FTTN NBN = bad times

It’s a long read but worth it to know the problems with the Abbott Government’s NBN policy.

ADTRAN adds the video service function Optimize FTTP/FTTN network framework

November 11 of 2009, yesterday ADTRAN Inc. announces Total Access 5000 multi-service access platform of the company will add the new advanced video service function, and show the latest application functions added will be optimized FTTP /FTTH And FTTN Network framework.

ADTRAN represents, the advantage of Total Access 5000 maximum can support FTTP/FTTH and FTTN two kinds of network frameworks at the same time. ADTRAN still shows at the same time Total Access 5000 can let users consider the so-called one “ right architecture” ,Because it can support optic fibre and copper cable as transmitting at the same time.

ADTEAN relevant person in charge Dan Steinike shows, their products have strong practicability in order to satisfy user’s bandwidth demand, Total Access 5000 platform is one of the most flexible broadband access platforms on the market at present. Except newly-added advanced the video leads the solution, Total Access 5000 platform offers high bandwidth, efficient access platform network framework and possession to support the optic fibre, transmissive advantage of copper cable at the same time. (Compile: Knight)

The Australian government has completely fucked the NBN

With NBN Co’s recent release of their “NBN Multi-Technology Deployment Principles“, it has become clear that the number of premises serviced by Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) will be far lower than promised by Turnbull prior to and post-election.

The main technology being pushed by NBN Co now will be Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN), utilising the copper network currently servicing premises. Add to this, 3 million premises will be serviced by the dilapidated Hybrid Fibre-Coax (HFC or Cable) network, leaving many with no option for real high-speed broadband.

The promised outcomes from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull have been all but forgotten, with $2 million of reviews backing up this shameless display of neo-luddism. There is no possibility this technology will be capable of keeping up with the demands of users within the next 5 years, let alone the next 15 years as the Strategic Review pushed upgrades out to.

Even with the promising outcomes from the laughable 5 premises trial of FTTN, it’s clear that users will be left by the wayside when their service does not deliver the speeds they require. Even the propaganda videos on how “awesome” FTTN is clearly state that users will have to deal with any problems past the “node”.


New Post has been published on http://www.zgeek.com/the-australian-government-has-completely-fucked-the-nbn/

Guys, our national average speed is 4.3Mbps, ranking 40th in the world. 41% of Australians get less than 2Mbps.

The NBN will have a top speed over fibre optics of 100/40Mbps (down/upstream)

The Internet is piggy-backed over copper cabling more than 60 years old, and the problems there are beyond reason.

The average $/MB is the highest in the world, and raise by ~14% per year.

We can not let our connection speed fall behind with a quick fix on an increasingly Internet-based world stage.


I joined Big Brothers Big Sisters. I’ve gone out once with my ‘lil. He’s great. We have a hot geo-caching date this coming weekend. 

I am in some kind of job/career craziness.

The adoption thing - do NOT even get me started. If I were not so lazy, I’d write a VERY long article about the Foster Care system. If anyone would like to ghost write it for me, let me know. I should do some kind of interview about the whole artificial insemination/picking out sperm/going through foster classes/trying to adopt out of foster care - anyone a journalist?! I mean, the system is CRAZY!!!  I’m talking FTTN*

I can’t drink canned beer. I had an emo “story” written about it and then was all “meh. that’s dumb.” long story short - when you’re a tiny little itsy-bitsy and your dad is an alcoholic who drinks canned Busch beer, sometimes things stick - and one of those things is that I can’t drink canned beer. The next time you think “woah. That bitch is HIGH MAINTENANCE.” Maybe…she’s not. Maybe there’s a story there. Don’t judge people. People have stories. 

My niece, you guys- seriously - ridiculous how much I love that little munchkin. SHE IS CRAZY ADORABLE. I love that you can see her problem solving in real time. Watching a one year old “figure stuff out” is a miracle. Brains in action. Crazy.

That’s all for now. XOXO internet! 

*fucked to the NUTS

im on a schedule that i made up all myself and the next chapter of fttn isnt supposed to be published until next week but i already finished it and i want to post it but i dont wanna mess my neatly laid out calendar up. do u see my problem here.