I didn't think this through. (My Mission Statement)

Trying to figure out what exactly to do with my brand spankin’ new panda accounts.

From the beginning I’ve intended to be game related, now comes the question of exactly how. Current financial standing on my part dictates that it will likely need to be either Free-to-Play MMOs or older console and PC games that need some serious revisiting and loving. 

So hey, why not both?

I’ll be playing the PC side of Free MMOs, from the well-known, to the vague, to the ones fallen from their P2P grace. I’ll give each opinions from a new player’s standing, and from someone who has had time to become intimately familiar with the ins and outs. Every game will be scored on a few sections, including but not limited to: Visuals, Gameplay, Story, and World. 

Each of the major subsections will be split further, with Visuals including character models, animation, and readability. Gameplay will be primarily mechanics, bugs I come across, how game functions are presented (tutorials), class balancing and functions, along with usage of the interface and all it’s parts. Story will focus on continuity of quests, quest lines, and how well that is implied and expressed to the players. World will cover many, many things including ambiance, immersion, sound, believability (in the sense of its genre) and just a general flow to it. Also included, but to a lesser extent will be community. Community will be the hardest to judge and for it I will use multiple realms/servers, delving into RP, PVP and PVE. 

For the older games I will most definitely take into account the era they were originally published in, and noticeable attempts to update with their competitors. 

The MMOs will be my main focus, until I can get a hold of the hardware needed for recording TV gameplay and transferring to my computers. 

I intend to start this April 1st, so I can have a clear window to begin and test/play/review for about a month.