Brotip~ watches

Watches are a little tricky but can really give you that nice look of masculinity with the right pick.

But you need to remember that a watch is an accessory it is meant to COMPLIMENT your wrist not take it over.

As you can see my watch is about the size of my wrist any bigger and it makes my wrist look tiny and feminine, any smaller and it looks like i bought a kids or female watch.

I suggest trying different sizes on look at them in a mirror. Does it make your wrist look small? Does it make it look huge? Does it make it seem feminine? You’ve gotta find what compliments you and your preference of how you want to look. also dont be afraid to ask people what they think it looks like! hopefully once you got one it will help you in adding a little masculine touch(:

Hope this helps guys sorry I’m not
Posting much! Ill start back up soon. Stay strong and stand tall tomorrow~

Brotip- suggested by Echolation

Hair cuts

Haircuts are a big factor for passing but sometimes it takes a few very bad tries to find the right one for you.

First thing you need to remember is that it is hair. It will grow back an if it doesn’t look good then wear a hat! You have to be willing to experiment.

Second thing, find a good place. There are plenty of people who can cut hair but not very many who can cut it well. I suggest a barber shop but if you want something other then just simple buzzed or faded then maybe you gotta go to a salon and pay a few extra bucks.

Another thing, know your numbers! If you are getting it buzzed then you need to know these very well and if you’re unsure add two. My current haircut the sides of my hair are a 2, that is very short and the top i just asked him to trim it. Barbers will be short and to the point. So be ready and try to speak up you dont want to have bad communication.

If you’re going to a salon ask what they think, i mean they are the professionals. Tell them what you want and be proud of what you want to! Don’t let them change your mind if you are really wanting something.

Final thing, bring in pictures of what you want, best thing to do tho is to look for a guy who has a good haircut and has some of your facial features. Look at the nose, chin, eyebrows etc. if they have a similiar face to you then you are most likely going to look good with that haircut too.

Alright now for styling.
My suggestion are keep it simple. Us guys we dont like complicated things and if we take more time in the bathroom than our girlfriend then its gonna be a problem.

If your hair is short keep it messy, spike it up, towel dry it and leave it, just please avoid any comb overs or slicked back hair. PLEASE.

If your hair is longer try doing the whole swoosh thing. Get it razor cut or tapered at the edges. Wear a hat or beanie, again just keep it simple. AND PLEASE DO NOT SLICK BACK YOUR HAIR OR PART IT. I have talked to so many people an that is a definite turn off. But if you really feel the need to do that than go you!

Anyways sorry this is long if you have any questions go ahead and leave me an ask(: I’m trying to start blogging again its just gonna take a bit. I hope this helps and thanks again Echolation for the suggestion(: you guys should check out his blog ^.^ stay strong guys and stand tall ~