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Upper Body Work Out/Bodyweight Fitness Routine

  • Pull ups, dips, rows, and push ups. 
  • 3-5 sets of a progression you can do no more than 10 of. 
  • Rest days, 
  • Lots of food 

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Note: For handstands I just pop into one against a wall and hold it for as long as possible. Didn’t really want to do that one on camera, it’s pretty simple. 

Hey i guess im just new to this whole trans thing I just wanted to ask if dfab people can be trans girls? Can dfab people have trans girl alters? Just asking because im curious im really curious and I realy really need to know thanks thanks

"Transsexual" VS. "Transgender"

Transsexual is used to imply that a person has or desires to have some sort of gender affirmative surgery, while transgender is sometimes used as an umbrella term in the same way that trans* is used.
I am a “Transsexual” male but I do not idenify with it because you dont need to know I getting reassignment surgery, thats no ones fucking bussiness. I idenify as “transgender” because I dont like how people use the term “transsexual”
Its a “medical process” to have your gender and sex changed but i dont see myself as having a “medical condition” because of this. The definition of a “medical condition” is very wide, and some people choose to lable themselves with this and thats your choice. I personally dont use this word because of my personal choice.
Having gender\bottom\top dysphoria is a medical condition which can be treated with hormones and surgery..