Back to School Ideas for Trans Students!

High school is hard enough without worrying about your gender identity and being misgendered. Here are some handy tips!

1. Trans Cards

Get an index card or a small piece of paper. On the side with the lines, write:

Dear [insert teacher name. Teachers might appreciate more if your personalized it and wrote their name, instead of just writing Dear Teacher]

My name is [preferred name]. I will be attending your class [you can specify what class, it doesn’t matter. I didn’t.]. I am transgender [you can specify your gender here, instead of writing transgender. Again, I didn’t.] and have not yet legally changed my name. On your roster, is my legal name, [legal name]. I would greatly appreciate it if you refer to me as [preferred name] and use the pronouns listed on the back. [This next sentence isn’t super vital, but I put it there for personal preference, and you can too if you want]. Also, I would appreciate it if you refrained from gender specific terms ([insert gender specific terms that you wouldn’t want used]). Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to starting your class.


[Preferred name]

On the back, you write your preferred pronouns (and pronunciation) and an auxiliary set. 

This sounds similar to a post I reblogged not too long ago, but I just changed it because my school’s roster system works a little differently and because I don’t have the emails of my teachers.

2. Stop! Cards

I really like this one. Keep in mind that at some schools, these signs could be considered disrespectful, so use wisely.

First, you get a few pieces of red construction paper (or any color that looks more urgent and a black sharpie (so that the recipient can read it).

On one, you write “Stop! Wrong Name!” or any variation of that. If someone calls you the wrong name, you just hold the flag up in the air until they correct themselves. 

On the other side (or on a separate piece, whatever floats your boat…), you write “Stop! Wrong Pronouns! [preferred pronouns]”, or any variation of that. If someone calls by the wrong pronouns, you just hold the flag up in the air until they correct themselves. 

You can also write things like “Stop! Not a [assigned gender]!” or “Stop! Wrong identifier!” 

And make sure you write them nice and big! Or else how can the teacher, who just called you by your legal name, see that they made a mistake?

These are all I can think of for now, but if you have any other ideas, feel free to add! 

And please signal boost! These are so important! This can change so many trans kids’s high school experiences!

Watch on

This is an educational video I made with an organization called Trans Youth Speaks about Preferred Gender Pronouns. Enjoy and spread it if you want!

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Last Monday’s photoshoot was an all day shoot which had two aims: To explore gender identity and expression through the eyes of a female-to-male transgender young person, and to explore sexual attraction and lack thereof by looking at asexuality. 

This is part one - Gender. Part two to follow shortly! 

Many thanks to Fireagh Photography for all their hard work.