This is my SCANDAL OTP. These are my k’nuckleheads and our Olitz. These people, both separately and together, drew me into the show. These are the most relevant characters. This is the only ship that matters. 

This is going to happen, Cyrus. I am going to divorce Mellie, and I am going to remain President of the United States after I do so. That is today’s big idea.

President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III, Scandal 212 “Truth and Consequences”

—He still believes it. During an election year? Nope. During the latter part of his second term? I could see it. 


Now, see here…this is what happens when a woman is actually into you. When a woman is actually into you, the phone can ring, a fire can start,  the world can fucking end and be reborn but as long as she gets the D, she’s got NFTG. Stay pressed, Captain Creeper. Stay. Pressed.


Ms. Rhimes and her enablers may have selective, destructive amnesia when it comes to these two but I don’t. NEVER FORGET. NEVER, EVER FORGET!


NEVER FORGET. Happy Wednesday and enjoy the preemptive dash cleanse for tomorrow’s impending fuckery!


Although my Baby Boy has a lot of good moves in his arsenal of UNF, my hands down favorite is still the Pelvic Press of DESTINY. Here’s hoping that we get another one very soon and there’s some wonderful Olitz citrus involved in the process!


I hope that we can get another ‘first time’ scene between these two in the future. I just want them to work their shit out (mainly Liv’s shit), take their time to get to know each other again, and then have a slow, unhurried, passionate ‘first time’ again.