Part 2/3 of this Frozen/Rise of the Guardians crossover. Still dark, still not a healthy relationship, still love writing this stuff.

Part 1


Untitled - 1600 words

Elsa confronts Pitch after a nightmare and convinces him to stay.


Fear will be your enemy.

Her powers had taught her that running away never solved anything. Being queen had only helped her learn the same lesson in countless different ways. So when she called after him, it was with a voice that had been trained into that confrontation.


She had first started seeing his shimmering black dust in her waking terror after Jack had told her the whole story of their battle together. Since then, this had become their dance, their secret, their refuge, to meet through the fears in her dreams but run away from each other in the real world.

Now he was here again and it didn’t matter how she felt or what she feared or how easy it would be to just let their connection continue this way. “Don’t go.” She swirled an icy wind around him, turning him back towards her.

She had to stop running from him.

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