glassalchemist asked:

Do you buy all the corsets you review or do people send them to you?

Almost all of the custom corsets I’ve purchased, and some OTR corsets. Some corsets were purchased by friends or family for my previous birthdays. Some corsets are samples provided by the brand when they ask me to review their stuff (which sometimes I have to send back after the review). Some corsets I’ve “worked off”/ bartered by consulting with them, training their staff, helping with their website and product descriptions, etc. Some corsets I’ve traded with other friends who happen to be the same size, so we swap parts of our collections for fun.

So you see, it’s different for each case, and the FTC statements are always in the description under my Youtube videos.

A brief recap: Operation UV involves emailing both advertisers and the Federal Trade Commission. In terms of the FTC, we are trying to alert them…

GamerGate gets the FTC to review journalistic standards and ethics.  Not just for Games media but for all journalism.  But y'know…